07 July 2015 12:32 4
Today, Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs Lieutenant Colonel of Police Elena Alekseeva in the building of the Ministry held a press-conference in the video conferencing mode with all the regions of the country.
07 July 2015 11:59 2
The purpose of the event is the prevention of traffic accidents involving underage cyclists and drivers of motorcycles. The action took place in one of the emergency rural settlements.
07 July 2015 09:11 3
The children resting in the camp, got ready in advance for this day, they prepared drawings on the theme of "Life - an alternative to alcohol and drugs!".
07 July 2015 08:24
Traffic Police inspector Alexander Kondratyev hit the pages of the federal project "Heroes of our time." The project aims to search for and cover the heroic actions of representatives of various professions, including officers of special services and departments.
06 July 2015 15:19
Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Khakassia Ilya Olkhovskiy arrived to Abaza to give a well-deserved award to Police Precinct Yakov Klassen.
06 July 2015 15:13
Pupils of a kindergarten together with the police handed drivers and passengers commemorative pennants with the emblem of the action - the road smiley and asked them to be polite on the road and always follow the rules of transporting children.
06 July 2015 15:01 4
A police officer first rescued two 12 year-old boys whose boat was almost completely filled with water. Then he towed to the bank 4 other Yawls, on which there were seven kids. As a result of timely action to rescue people caught in a storm, there were no victims in this incident.
06 July 2015 11:55 7
Photos of young passengers in the children's car seats made by the winners of the contest will appear on the banners of social advertising, which will be placed in the streets of Vladivostok on the Day of family, love and fidelity.
06 July 2015 09:31 3
Inmates of the camp together with traffic police inspectors stopped vehicles and checked the driver's documents. Young inspectors worked with great interest, fulfilling exactly the orders of the  traffic police.
06 July 2015 09:00
In the team ranking the Russian team finished third at the XVI World Police and Fire Games in Washington, having won more than 200 medals.
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