22 September 2014 12:10 7
The action took place in the city center. Dressed in a reflective vests with the words "I follow the Traffic Rules", the children  organized a dance flash mob. Cadets and children from the youth center "Sputnik" demonstrated bicycle figure riding.
22 September 2014 10:00
During the meetings, the policemen told the children about the dangers of narcotics and the liability of citizens involved in illicit drug trafficking.
22 September 2014 09:45
The suspect cashed the money intended for the payment of scholarships allocated by the treasury of a municipality in the Krasnodar Territory. She did not make any accounting records and appropriated the money.
22 September 2014 09:26
Officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation in cooperation with colleagues from the Russian FSB and the FSB Administration for Moscow and the Moscow Region suppressed the activities of an organized group, the participants of which were suspected of organizing a channel of illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition.
22 September 2014 02:13 1
Within the framework of this operation precinct officers visited the apartments of pensioners and had preventive conversations with them.
19 September 2014 16:03
In one of the rooms of the burning house the police found a man who was practically unable to orient himself in the situation. Police officers carried him out of the burning house. At this point, firefighters arrived and started extinguishing the fire. The victim, 31-year-old invalid of the 2 group, was handed over to the ambulance brigade.
19 September 2014 15:32
The Inter-municipal police division "Dmitriyevsky" got a report on an attack on the driver of a heavy truck. The victim - a citizen of Bulgaria, is a driver of a transport company in Sofia.
19 September 2014 15:00 8
Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel-General Vladimir Kolokoltsev  and the Interior and Municipalities Minister of the Lebanese Republic Nouhad Machnouk discussed current trends and forms of cooperation.
19 September 2014 13:55 1
In the evening in the city of Partizansk, near the City Hospital, Chief of the Precinct Service of the MIA Intermunicipal Division "Partizansky" Police Major Alexander Lomidze noticed a car in which the man  at the wheel, was waving his hands. The police officer rushed to the car to check whether the driver needed his help.
19 September 2014 12:30
Officers of Police Division number 2, of the MIA Administration for the city of Murmansk detained a resident of the regional center suspected of selling drugs.
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