16 March 16:55 6
At the MIA of Russia Division for Pyatigorsk, the Minister listened to the reports of leadership of the unit and set tasks in certain areas of service.
16 March 15:55 7
The Agency Chief held a meeting with the leadership of the police of the territory, where they discussed current issues of service.
16 March 12:15 7
The event was attended by 181 staff members of internal affairs bodies from 26 teams representing departments of the central office, scientific and educational organizations of the Ministry.
16 March 11:25 11
The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has hosted a regular series of meetings of expert working groups to reduce the demand for drugs and to improve the legal framework.
16 March 11:00
Distribution of counterfeited banknotes was carried out in a non-contact way through caches.
16 March 10:09
According to investigators, the damage from the activities of the members of the group amounted to more than 30 million rubles.
13 March 19:30 1
He was declared internationally wanted in April 2018 at the request of the MIA of Russia General Administration for the Moscow Region.
13 March 14:30 23
The Minister recalled that the Council had been constantly developing, its tasks had been clarified, and its powers had been expanded, and the legal and regulatory framework had been improved.
13 March 12:41
The suspects made an illegal alienation of property totaling about 42 million rubles.
13 March 11:18
Damage resulting from these breaches of the law exceeded 1.6 million rubles.
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