21 September 12:05 11
The event brought together leading scientists from educational and scientific organizations of Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.
20 September 15:40
Igor Gavrilov accompanied by officers of the MIA NCB of Interpol and the Russian FSIN was delivered to Moscow from Vietnam.
20 September 15:15 6
Igor Zubov noted in his speech that the new Chief of the regional Administration was a demanding professional and had many years of experience.
20 September 15:10 4
The event was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tuva, other law enforcement agencies and state authorities.
20 September 10:06 8
During the meeting, issues of cross-border cooperation were discussed to increase the effectiveness of monitoring the stay of foreign citizens of third countries in the territory of the Union State.
20 September 05:00 8
About 400 officers, who in different years studied at universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, were invited to the event.
19 September 21:00
The offender misled residents of the Krasnodar Territory by promising to purchase and deliver cars from the United Arab Emirates in good condition at a low price.
19 September 16:16 1
Several bundles of narcotic substance with a total weight of 348 grams were seized from the suspects.
19 September 15:07 2
The offender, through untrue declaring of goods, carried out six times the illegal transfer of timber through the customs border.
19 September 13:36
The medical institution suffered a damage totaling over 3 million rubles.
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