01 April 14:31
As a result of the checks, 17 foreigners were identified who were working with violations of the legislation.
01 April 12:00
As a result of the operational-search activities, the police detained a 50-year-old organizer of the illegal logging - the head of one of the logging companies.
01 April 11:23
24 episodes of theft of property from construction sites and garages by members of the organized group were established.
01 April 10:00
“An unknown man had stolen a statuette of a dog from the hall of an art educational institution on the Krymsky Val,” said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.
29 March 18:46 1
Shestopalov Aleksandr, born in 1989, wanted on charges of assaulting police officers, was brought to Russia from Germany, accompanied by officers of the Russian NCB of Interpol and the FPS.
29 March 17:55
Special commission carefully and objectively examined the circumstances, causes and conditions that led to the violation by a Traffic Police crew of the order of actions on the place of a fatal traffic accident.
29 March 16:05 9
During the meeting, representatives of the departments of the two countries discussed the current drug situation in Russia and Italy, and also exchanged views on trends of its development.
29 March 15:30
Muslim Dzhambekov, suspected of committing a traffic accident on Mozhayskoye highway in Moscow, came to Police Division No. 3 of the MIA Administration for the city of Grozny with a confession.
29 March 13:55
In 2018, about 108,000 of our compatriots became participants in the State Program.
29 March 11:15 8
At the conference sessions, conceptual approaches and practical experience of Russian specialists in the anti-extremist area, as well as ways of developing interstate partnership were considered.
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