15 April 14:00
Preliminarily it was established that in March this year the offenders broke into a dormitory room in the suburban village of Novoivanovskoye, where at that time there was a citizen of one of the Central Asian countries. 
15 April 13:15
Having gained access to the computers of various Russian commercial companies and the possibility to remotely control the banking services installed on them, the offenders stole more than 15 million rubles.
15 April 12:45 14
According to preliminary data, the offenders managed to illegally harvest and steal more than 138,000 cubic meters of wood.
14 April 19:20
According to investigators, in December 2015 in the city of Langepas, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, the defendant, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, stabbed his random acquaintance with a kitchen knife.
14 April 18:15 3
As a result of the discussion, the draft federal law was unanimously approved by the participants of the meeting.
14 April 14:10 6
Proposals to the draft agenda of the next meeting of the Council of Ministers of Internal Affairs of CIS member states became the topic of discussion. This event is planned to be held in October 2021 in Armenia.
14 April 14:05
Local woman stole 400,000 rubles from a relative's account.
14 April 13:30
A national of one of the CIS countries received large batches of drugs, and then repacked them into smaller ones for subsequent contactless sale.
14 April 13:13
The total material damage exceeded 3 million 700 thousand rubles.
14 April 11:42
As a result of those illegal actions a damage of 700 thousand rubles was inflicted.
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