07 September 16:30
According to foreign colleagues, the defendant worked at one of the enterprises of the German city of Regensburg, where components for electrical appliances were produced.
07 September 16:20
Aleksandr Gorovoy wished the audience fruitful work and congratulated on the upcoming Day of Migration Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
07 September 15:30
According to investigators, the detainee was a personal assistant to the organizer of the company and positioned himself as vice-president of Finiko.
07 September 13:30
Police officers seized more than fifty kilograms of marijuana from illicit trafficking. In the Volgograd Region, the police detained suspects of cultivating narcotic cannabis.
07 September 12:30
Currently, measures are being taken to establish all the circumstances of the crime.
06 September 20:00 5
The internal affairs bodies have received a powerful tool for finding a missing citizen, which can significantly reduce the time required to establish his whereabouts.
06 September 15:30
It was preliminarily established that the attackers called residents of different regions of Russia and introduced themselves as employees of the bank's security service. 
06 September 12:30
An accomplice in the transport company documented the situations in violation of the established rules, making possible to keep the received bonus funds and return in full the money for tickets.
06 September 10:30
According to preliminary data, more than 100 citizens suffered as a result of the illegal activities. The total material damage exceeded 30 million rubles.
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