13 May 2014 13:21
Officers of the Division for combating drug trafficking of the MIA Administration for the City of Novokuznetsk received operative information that in the Kuznetsky District of the city a malefactor was selling heroin and marijuana.
13 May 2014 12:42
In St. Petersburg, there opened a charity event the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs "Mercy of the White Nights", dedicated to the memory of police officers and servicemen of internal troops who died in the line of service and military duty. 
13 May 2014 09:05 3
A memorial plaque was opened in the cadet school number 95 (Samara), which was named after Internal Troops Private, Hero of Russia Yevgeny Zolotukhin.
12 May 2014 14:23 4
During the search of the car, used by the malefactors, the police found 155 banknotes of 5000 rubles denomination with features of forgery. The seized banknotes have been sent for analysis.
12 May 2014 13:42 1
Police Captain Alexei Pankratiev, a juvenile inspector of the MIA Division "Ongudaisky" was awarded the Medal "For the salvation of perishing".
12 May 2014 12:58 6
The special operation took place in the village of Verbnoye of the  Zelenograd District of the Kaliningrad Region. 36 kits of equipment for illegal extraction of amber (pumps, rods, sleeves), as well as an excavator used for rinsing amber-containing soil in order to extract raw amber have been removed from illegal circulation.
12 May 2014 12:15
During the inspection of the cabins, inspectors of the Patrol and Inspection Service found and seized a total of about 7 kilograms of hashish oil. Detention was selected as the preventive measure with regard to the five detainees. A criminal case has been initiated.
12 May 2014 10:41
In total they cut about 180 trees, including trees of valuable species.  The total material damage exceeded 2.2 million rubles.
12 May 2014 09:18
Officers of the MIA General Administration for Criminal Investigation in cooperation with colleagues from Criminal Investigation Division of MIA Administration for the South Eastern Administrative District of Moscow and employees of the Traffic Police of the MIA General Administration in the city of Moscow suppressed the activity of an organized group whose members are suspected of committing fraudulent actions in the sale of expensive cars.
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