28 May 16:00 4
The participants reviewed the MIA of Russia progress in its preparation to ensuring law and order at the World Championship in professional skills according to Worldskills standards, to be held in Kazan.
28 May 15:43
Thus, by his unlawful actions, the entrepreneur evaded VAT payments totaling more than 25 million rubles.
28 May 14:15 6
“In the Italian Riccione, the 44th International Friendship Cup among police officers in futsal ended. The winner was the MIA of Russia national team,” the MIA of Russia Spokesperson, Irina Volk said.
28 May 10:32
The offender, for a monetary reward, had agreed to smuggle a large batch of sea cucumbers, hiding them in a prepared in advance caches - in the doors of her own car.
28 May 10:00
Officers of the Altai Linear Administration of the MIA of Russia assisted the police of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the search and detention of a citizen of this country who is on the interstate wanted list.
28 May 09:07 2
Foreign citizens carried out labor activities of converting the basement into commercial premises.
28 May 06:00
“Over a million packs of cigarettes under brands of well-known manufacturers were found in the trailers of two heavy-vehicles run by residents of the republic,” the MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk said.
27 May 13:30 1
“On the night of May 27, the police duty-unit received a report on the disappearance of two brothers aged 3 and 4,” said the Russian MIA Spokesperson Irina Volk.
27 May 11:00
“Offenders disguised as plumbers entered the apartment of an 85-year-old blockade participant, brutally beat the elderly woman and fled with valuables,” said the MIA Spokesperson Irina Volk.
27 May 09:00
“The MIA of Russia Division in the Krasnochikoysky District of the Trans-Baikal Territory got a message on a forest fire near the Urluk village,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson, I. Volk.
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