01 September 17:39
It was preliminarily established that the offender was engaged in the transportation of heroin by rail to the territory of the Yaroslavl, Voronezh and Tula regions.
01 September 15:10
On September 1, more than 40 thousand Russian schools held celebrations dedicated to the Day of Knowledge.
01 September 14:41
An unknown woman told the pensioner by phone, that she was entitled to a refund for previously purchased dietary supplements.
01 September 12:50
The duty unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the Belogorsky District received information that around 40 million rubles were stolen during the cash collection at one of the gas stations.
01 September 10:30
Participants of an international drug syndicate smuggled especially large batches of hashish from North Africa in transit through the EU countries to the CIS countries and their subsequent illegal sale.
31 August 17:05
In this regard, we would like to inform you that the issue of introducing in Russia a general civil passport in the form of a plastic card is being considered by the Government of the Russian Federation.
31 August 16:22
The operation was aimed at identifying and blocking channels for smuggling drugs, arms and ammunition to the Russian Federation through the countries of the Caspian basin.
31 August 15:00
The crime organizers, Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, Vyacheslav Platon and Renato Usatii, were announced internationally wanted, with a preventive measure of placement to custody in absentia chosen for them.
31 August 14:00
The request to speed-up the paperwork for the woman was also received by the MIA of Russia from the international information channel RT as part of the joint project “Not One-to-One”.
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