24 December 2018 13:28
The total amount of damage caused to the victims amounted to about 1 500 000 rubles.
24 December 2018 12:40 4
In the videoconferencing mode, it was attended by senior officials of the Russian Federation constituent territories.
24 December 2018 11:40
Two local residents with a criminal record were suspected of money extortion.
24 December 2018 07:00
The police conducted a large-scale operation in the cities of Moscow and Irkutsk.
21 December 2018 20:11 7
“Police officers and hosts of ‘Militia Wave’ radio station traveled to several cities, visited orphanages and a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk.
21 December 2018 16:00
It was established that members of the group carried out illegal banking operations on the settlement accounts of fictitious organizations under their control with the aim of subsequent cashing of funds.
21 December 2018 14:30
The investigative unit of the IA Administration for the SEAD of the MIA GA for Moscow initiated a criminal case on the crime provided for by paragraph “a” of part 2 of Article 322.1 of the RF Criminal Code.
21 December 2018 11:51
Offender stole two hundred and fifty thousand rubles from a sleepy client.
21 December 2018 11:11
The offender stole money from the ATMs by selecting the keys to the lock of the safe compartment and the code to it.
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