19 April 11:20
The main goal is to improve the operational and service efficiency of the MIA units through the use of the latest digital transformation technologies.
18 April 11:45
It was found that the defendant in October 2017 for selfish motives colluded with another member of the group.
17 April 12:30
The total amount of commissions received by the suspects amounted to at least 71.2 million rubles.
17 April 00:01
"I congratulate you sincerely on the Day of the Veteran of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the 30th anniversary of the veteran organization of the Russian MIA!"
16 April 13:20 3
In total, the volume of cut down forest stands exceeds 2,000 cubic meters. According to expert assessment, the damage caused to the forest fund of the Russian Federation exceeded 5 million rubles.
16 April 12:41 9
Veterans held a tour for the younger generation in the hall of fame, shared memories of the service. A friendly volleyball match was held between veterans and active officers.
16 April 09:50
During the special operation, the defendant was detained red-handed in the city of Moscow while selling 40 tons of smuggled products and receiving US $800,000 for it.
15 April 18:00
The bill proposes to give police officers the authority to participate in the inspections of driving schools carried out by the licensing authorities.
15 April 14:50
According to available information, in November 2013, the offenders committed a robbery attack on collectors in Leningrad Region. Threatening with arms, they stole about 140 million rubles.
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