09 September 15:30
A resident of the Moscow Region made a statement to the police that a large amount of money in digital currency had been stolen from him.
09 September 14:30
According to investigators, from March to July 2021, the offenders created an organization with the name similar to the name of one of the well-known Russian banks.
09 September 10:00
The members of the group may be involved in the preparation of the murder of a resident of the Leningrad Region and a number of other grave and especially serious crimes.
09 September 09:30
During the raid, employees of one of the trade outlets presented the police with three certificates about the presence of antibodies to COVID-19, which caused reasonable doubts about their authenticity.
08 September 18:10
In the memory of colleagues and friends, Army General Yevgeny Zinichev will remain a true patriot and a true professional, faithful to high moral principles.
08 September 11:30
Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for all the suspects.
08 September 11:04
The defendant organized the preparation of documents on fictitious employment and accrual of wages and other payments.
08 September 10:09
The head of a thrift store made a statement to the duty unit, on the disappearance of 400,000 rubles from the safebox.
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