11 January 13:33
The damage prevented by the police amounted to more than one million rubles.
11 January 11:42
More than two million rubles were stolen in the course of the illegal activities.
11 January 11:30
The illegal activities caused damage totaling in about thirty million rubles.
11 January 10:03
The police officers identified that a resident of Obninsk fictitiously registered more than sixty foreign nationals.
11 January 09:20
The defendant received monetary compensation for committing illegal actions.
10 January 15:51
The criminal case file together with the indictment approved by the prosecutor has been sent to the court for consideration on the merits.
10 January 13:20 3
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decrees on their appointment at the end of December 2021.
10 January 11:04
The suspect carried out the illegal felling on his own, used a rented vehicle to take the trees out of the forest and sold them to a sawmill.
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