10 January 10:00
The administrative regulation provides for the postponement of the introduction of requirements for certain documents submitted when filing a request for the provision of public services.
10 January 09:06
The total damage to victims, whose number exceeded 30 people, amounted to more than 4 million rubles.
10 January 07:00
Police found and seized about 100 thousand bottles ready for sale, four thousand liters of alcohol-containing liquid, as well as empty containers, corks and boxes with labels.
09 January 11:25
The State Forest Fund of the Russian Federation suffered a damage in the amount of over 206 thousand rubles.
09 January 11:00
The police received a statement from the manager of one of the stores located on the Maroseyka street.
09 January 10:38
The largest mining company of the region suffered a damage of 137 million rubles.
09 January 09:30
Seven people were detained, among them the alleged organizer and the system administrator, as well as two call center operators and three cache-fillers.
07 January 11:00 7
On the night of January 7, about 2.3 million people took part in events dedicated to the celebration of the Nativity of Christ.
06 January 10:00 1
For 11 months of 2019, 752.3 thousand statements of victims, who had issued Euro Protocols, were recorded. For the same period in 2018, this figure made 623.4 thousand.
05 January 14:45
The criminal case was initiated on the grounds of the crime stipulated by Art. 116 of the RF Criminal Code.
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