10 February 11:20
It was established that from 2018 to 2019 the accomplices found gullible residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, ready, for a cash reward, to take out a consumer loan for the purchase of household appliances.
09 February 13:40
The total damage amounted to about 2 million 885 thousand rubles.
09 February 12:30
The alleged organizer of illegal activities created a criminal community consisting of several groups. At least 15 people were involved into it.
09 February 11:04
It was found that the 40-year-old apartment owner registered 12 foreign nationals with the migration register, but did not provide them with temporary housing.
09 February 09:52 1
In the premises filled with heavy smoke the police found the woman and her children.
09 February 09:00
During a personal search, 80 polymer bags containing a synthetic drug were seized from him, and 200 more packages were found by police during a search of the hostel where the suspect was staying.
09 February 07:30
Hookah tobacco was sold to consumers without excise stamps, mandatory for that type of product.
08 February 13:30 3
According to investigators, between 2018 and 2019, five residents of the Ostashkovsky Urban District of the Tver Region engaged in illegal felling of trees of various species.
08 February 11:45
The offenders approached elderly people on the street, introduced themselves as businessmen from neighboring countries and asked to help them carry out cash transfer transactions.
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