30 May 12:00
“MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Internal Security suppressed the activities of a criminal community composed of officials of the MIA for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic,” said the Russian MIA Spokesperson, Irina Volk.
30 May 10:20
The damage caused to the forest fund of the Russian Federation amounted to over 131 million rubles, the total amount of illegally harvested wood exceeded three thousand cubic meters.
30 May 06:00
“Criminal investigations were initiated under part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Criminal Code. More than 100 citizens suffered from the actions of the offenders,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson, Irina Volk.
29 May 18:40 6
Russian delegation got familiarized with the activities and equipment of the MPS of the PRC CEME, including the training base and the national genomic registration center.
29 May 16:00 2
“Two people from the international wanted list were escorted from Warsaw to Moscow by the staff of the RF NCB of Interpol and the RF FPS,” the MIA Spokesperson Irina Volk said.
29 May 14:10 3
Representative of the Russian Federation - Chief of the Interpol NCB of the MIA of Russia, Police Major-General Aleksandr Prokopchuk was appointed Chairman of the Interpol European Regional Conference.
29 May 12:00
“It was established that a man in the firm’s premises, had threatened an employee with a knife, and demanded for money, after which he disappeared,” said the Russian MIA Spokesperson, Irina Volk.
29 May 10:00
“In the passenger train, traveling from Kaliningrad to Moscow, a man hid the amber among letters and parcels in one of the service premises of the postal car,” said MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk.
29 May 09:00
The Russian MIA is involved in keeping international peace and security since 1992. During this period, more than 600 MIA officers have participated in 24 peacekeeping operations around the world.
29 May 07:00
Two relatives filed with the police a statement on the loss of money, which read that the day before two men dressed as medics had come to them and offered their services of treating hypertension.
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