20 April 15:25 2
On April 19-20, 2021, the Russian-Tajik comprehensive talks on the migration policy between two countries took place.
20 April 13:30
The total damage from the committed robberies exceeded 14 million rubles.
20 April 11:30
Using bank cards of unknown persons, the offender deposited into ATMs imitations of banknotes of the Bank of Russia with the face value of five thousand rubles instead of genuine banknotes.
20 April 09:06
On the basis of the certificate for several years the man received about 900,000 rubles.
20 April 08:10
An unemployed local  citizen illegally registered 31 foreign nationals with the migration register at his place of registration and residence.
19 April 13:25
The offender stole a watch worth 360,000 rubles from the applicant's car.
19 April 12:40
Some Internet resources, social networks and messengers, are distributing messages about unauthorized public events planned in Russian regions.
19 April 11:30
Vouchers were purchased by 51 people and two travel companies, who booked several dozen places. The defendants spent the money on their own needs. 
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