13 January 14:02
The head of a feldsher-midwife station in a village in the Morshansky district was entering false data in certificates of vaccination against the coronavirus infection.
13 January 11:00
We congratulate the media representatives on their deserved awards and wish them creative success, new interesting projects and pertinent topics.
13 January 10:30
More than 10 tons of counterfeit products were seized during searches. Damage to the right holders exceeded six million rubles.
12 January 13:48
The total damage amounted to more than 6,000,000 rubles.
12 January 11:30
A 27-year-old owner of a car service in Orenburg was detained during operational activities.
12 January 10:33
In total, during the period of their illegal activity, the accomplices stole more than 27 million rubles.
12 January 05:00
The suspect has illegally paid to the contractor the cost of the de-facto unfinished refurbishment of the school gymnasium.
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