19 June 09:30
Investigators found that previously convicted residents of Chernyakhovsk organized the delivery of counterfeit banknotes to the region, ordering them through the shadow segment of the Internet.
19 June 09:02
The Police seized more than 4.5 kilograms of synthetic drugs.
18 June 16:42
The offender opened parcels and appropriated electronic equipment. The total damage exceeded 1 million rubles.
18 June 15:51
On the territory of the household, the police found a greenhouse in which there were more than 40 bushes of a drug-containing plant.
18 June 15:46
From the two cache-fillers the police seized 200 grams of “synthetics”.
18 June 15:11
The total damage to the victims exceeded 600 thousand rubles.
18 June 14:08
The amount of the damage exceeded 500,000 rubles.
18 June 13:39
Thus, she stole more than 440 thousand rubles from more than 30 residents of various regions of Russia.
18 June 12:46
Law enforcement officers seized about 40 thousand bottles with a total volume of 16 tons.
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