05 August 14:00
By his actions, he illegally intervened in the process of information exchange between the game server and the players, disrupted the normal functioning of the software and the stability of the game server.
05 August 12:03
The offender got sure that the shop assistants were distracted by other customers, opened the display case and stole jewelry items.
05 August 12:00
“Police officers detained on the Litovsky Boulevard two men suspected of committing the theft,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA, Irina Volk.
05 August 10:00
Officers of the St. Petersburg Linear Administration on Transport of the MIA of Russia in the city of Shlisselburg, Leningrad Region, detained a local resident suspected of illegal distribution of drugs.
05 August 08:31 4
The damage to the state caused by the offender exceeded 5 million rubles.
02 August 15:47
The offenders were hiding from the investigation and trial in a neighboring state.
02 August 14:51
In total, the police seized more than 190 kilograms of drugs.
02 August 13:45
It was established that the 50-year-old director of a financial and credit institution, using his official position, transferred 45 million rubles belonging to the bank to his own current account.
02 August 12:17 8
Officers, employees and pensioners of the internal affairs bodies, as well as citizens donated about 92 liters of blood.
02 August 10:24
The police detained the suspects in 18 thefts to a total of more than 500 thousand rubles.
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