20 March 09:00
Over 200 canisters and containers with alcohol-containing liquid with a total volume of over two tons, as well as over 800 bottles of finished alcohol products were seized.
19 March 17:00
From March 19, 2020, foreign citizens can extend the period of temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.
19 March 16:00
In particular, over the past day in the information space there were revealed several messages that do not correspond to reality.
19 March 15:00
The offender equipped an outbuilding in the courtyard of his house as a workshop for the manufacture of cartridges, as well as alteration of firearms.
19 March 13:42
The man illegally registered 28 foreign citizens with the migration register, without intention to provide them with housing for living.
19 March 12:45
During a search at the places of residence of the defendants, about 30 kilograms of anabolic steroids were found.
19 March 12:43
The total damage to the victims exceeded 369 million rubles.
19 March 07:30
A resident of the Moscow Region created a network of organizations to work in the market of precious metals and stones. Then she turned to one of the commercial banks in the capital for a loan.
18 March 13:30
Preliminarily, energy companies claimed a damage of about 300 million rubles.
18 March 13:24
Law enforcement officers eliminated a drug plantation, located in industrial premises.
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