16 November 15:00
So-called kickbacks of about 5 per cent of the contract amount were provided to ensure the selection of a company as a supplier of goods and the unimpeded conclusion of contracts.
16 November 14:01
The offender sent to the victim’s place of work a dummy of an explosive device.
16 November 12:30
The offenders staged traffic accidents, and then received reimbursement from insurance companies on the basis of fictitious reports on the cost of car repair.
16 November 12:24
As a result of those illegal actions the damage of 707 thousand rubles was inflicted.
16 November 11:52
The damage amounted to 330 thousand rubles.
16 November 09:59 1
Officers persuaded the man to stop fulfilling the demands of the pseudo bank employees.
13 November 15:41
More than 31 people have suffered from the defendant’s illegal actions. The damage amounted to 440 thousand rubles.
13 November 12:09
The total damage amounted to about 900,000 rubles.
13 November 11:37
The suspect sold his relative's home on false documents.
13 November 11:30
Operatives learned that a resident of the capital placed ads in popular Internet services about the sale of municipal real estate at a low price.
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