18 June 13:39
Thus, she stole more than 440 thousand rubles from more than 30 residents of various regions of Russia.
18 June 12:46
Law enforcement officers seized about 40 thousand bottles with a total volume of 16 tons.
17 June 16:55 6
Additional measures to ensure the rule of law during the July 1 All-Russian vote on the approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation have been considered.
17 June 16:40
It was found that the 57-year-old apartment owner registered 12 citizens of one of the Central Asian Republics with the migration register, but did not provide them with temporary housing.
17 June 13:42
The offender stole by deceit more than 350 thousand rubles from 16 residents of the Komi Republic and two residents of the Stavropol Territory.
17 June 12:10 3
The corresponding decree was signed by the President of the country on the eve of the national holiday - Day of Russia.
17 June 10:00
The special operation of detention was held in Beslan with the power support of the “Grom” special unit. 
16 June 18:00
Sergey Krylov and Aleksey Poyarkov, faced with mortal danger, acted competently and confidently, which prevented grave consequences and saved the lives of citizens around them.
16 June 12:30
Four miners, who illegally extracted amber from the bottom of the Baltic Sea using artisanal equipment, were detained red-handed.
16 June 12:00
The winners of the quiz, the first to send the correct answers to 31 photo questions, were Aleksey Ovchinnikov from Perm, Svetlana Trofimova from Ruzayevka and Andrey Sazonov from Samara.
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