12 February 11:00 4
Last year, Lyubov Egorovna received a residence permit, and in this year she has already acquired citizenship of the Russian Federation.
11 February 16:00
“Early in the morning, the duty-unit of the territorial police division received a report of a fire in an apartment building,” said the Spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
11 February 14:00
The functionality of interactive services of the Traffic Police official website (гибдд.рф) develops, and the information they contain becomes more detailed, accumulating a significant amount of important information.
11 February 09:30
According to preliminary data, the accomplices transported more than 55,000 cubic meters of timber worth about 307 million rubles across the state border of the Russian Federation.
10 February 21:54
He is currently being taken to the IC of Russia investigator for further investigation and proceedings.
10 February 15:36
The offender stole money and jewelry from the house worth in total 15 million rubles.
10 February 15:00
It was preliminarily established that a 63-year-old resident of the capital organized the delivery from abroad of wholesale batches of washing powder and liquid detergents. 
10 February 13:28
The material damage amounted to 720 thousand rubles.
10 February 13:25
It was established, that four local residents, aged between 36 and 68, had registered 24 foreign nationals with the migration register, but had not provided them with temporary accommodation.
10 February 11:45
During the search, operatives found more than 1.35 tons of sturgeon caviar. According to preliminary information, it was obtained through poaching.
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