13 January 16:24
While working as a seller in a mobile communication store, the offender periodically misappropriated the proceeds.
13 January 15:07
The offender sold the stolen items, and disposed of the money at his discretion.
13 January 11:47
Police seized from the suspect almost ten thousand Ecstasy tablets, as well as mephedrone and N-methylephedrone.
13 January 11:00
According to available information, the offender, having the intention of stealing citizens’ money, organized the activities of a credit consumer cooperative on the principle of a financial pyramid.
13 January 10:32
The total damage from the offender’s unlawful activities was about 300 thousand rubles.
13 January 09:00
As a result of operational-search measures, the police discovered 1.8 million cigarettes, packing paper with the logo of a well-known brand and equipment for forming packs and blocks.
13 January 07:05
A local resident for a fee fictitiously registered citizens of the Russian Federation in her apartment, but in reality they did not live at the place of registration.
10 January 15:28
Law enforcement officers found and seized about 500 grams of methadone from a 29-year-old resident of the Smolensk Region.
10 January 13:00
Investigators of the MIA of Russia Inter-District Administration “Krasnoyarskoye” completed a preliminary investigation of the criminal case of major theft committed by way of receiving social benefits for non-existent children.
10 January 11:00
The suspects detained earlier by police officers are accused of drug trafficking in Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Tambov Region.
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