23 March 12:48
The defendant caused to the homeowners’ partnership a material damage totaling more than one million rubles.
23 March 12:30
According to preliminary data, in less than a year more than ten residents of the region suffered from the actions of the offenders.
23 March 09:22
The amount of damage caused to the victims exceeded 1.3 million rubles.
20 March 15:50
With respect to him a preventive measure has been chosen in the form of a subscription of his own recognizance and appropriate behavior.
20 March 12:30
Chita Linear Division on Transport of the MIA of Russia has opened a criminal case on crime features under Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in relation to a passenger of the Kamran – Chita flight.
20 March 11:50
In social networks and popular instant messengers, a scan of the MIA of Russia order on the suspension of personal reception of citizens in offices of the Ministry was distributed.
20 March 10:30
More than 15 tons of motor oil packaged in barrels and canisters with logos of popular brands were seized by police from illegal traffic.
20 March 10:03
The documents were sent for examination, which confirmed that the seller’s signatures had signs of falsification and had not been executed by the director of the organization.
20 March 09:33
Persons found at the facility have been checked for involvement in previously committed crimes.
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