15 January 10:30
The malefactors were manufacturing strong drinks in the territory of Sosnovsky district of the Chelyabinsk Region in rented premises of a former production site.
14 January 16:25
In January 2016, on Dubninskaya street of Moscow the malefactor poured flammable liquid on the car and set it on fire.
14 January 15:28
A director of the road construction and repair company is suspected of submitting fake data to the tax authorities.
14 January 14:32
The damage to the right holders amounted to 4 million 400 thousand rubles.
14 January 12:20
In total, over 470,000 rubles were stolen from elderly women by the female offenders.
14 January 11:31
A female citizen of Neftekumsk gave false information to the social benefits payment institution of a disease of the third disability group.
14 January 09:40
According to available information, a malefactor, as a member of the organized gang, participated in preparing fraudulent documents on the financial and operational performance of a number of companies in Rostov-on-Don.
14 January 09:35
The driver thanked the police officers for the help provided.
13 January 17:52
The operatives detailed seven suspects. Among them is an alleged organizer of unlawful activities.
13 January 15:08
The budget of the Republic of Tyva has suffered a material damage worth about 4.7 million rubles.
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