07 September 10:06
The sale was carried out in a store located in a large shopping center. In the store the Police found 145 pairs of counterfeit shoes.
07 September 10:00
The federal law is aimed at simplifying the procedure for the implementation of migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons on the territory of Russia.
05 September 18:01
The elderly man was found lying in a swamp, completely exhausted.
04 September 15:24
The businesswoman provided fictitious documents on the work performed and got hold of budget funds on an especially large scale.
04 September 15:00
Over six thousand pieces of digital equipment and accessories were discovered and seized, which, according to the examination results, were counterfeit products and dummies.
04 September 13:37
According to expert assessments, the preliminary amount of the damage exceeded 13 million rubles.
04 September 12:52
The defendant, under the pretext of registering apartments and land plots, convinced citizens to transfer 36 million rubles to her.
04 September 11:20
Seven residents of Stavropol suffered from the actions of the defendants.
04 September 09:03
The swindler said that for trade financial products trading on the exchange, it was necessary to replenish the personal depository account.
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