18 November 13:30
According to preliminary data, to commit the crime, the offenders for a short period rented premises and arranged an office in it.
18 November 11:30
In his home country, he was found guilty of a serious violent crime against a minor girl.
18 November 11:13
The suspects were identified with DNA testing.
18 November 10:36
As a result, the illegal actions of the offender inflicted a damage totaling about 3 million rubles.
18 November 07:30
A resident of the city of Shelekhov contacted the police duty-unit. She said that her co-habitant was behaving aggressively: breaking down the door, smashing windows and making threats.
17 November 13:31
The total damage to the public sector worker amounted to almost 2 million rubles.
17 November 13:30 12
The Chief of the Agency has noted that the service occupies a crucial place in the system of internal affairs bodies.
17 November 10:00
It was preliminarily established that the defendants knowingly issued to controlled commercial firms non-refundable loans totaling more than 1.3 billion rubles.
17 November 07:30
Seven alleged accomplices were detained with the support of the Rosgvardia officers.
16 November 17:00
More than 1000 electronic wallets registered to third-parties, which were used in the criminal scheme, were identified.
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