15 February 11:44 2
A conversation in a remote format was held with the heads of municipal organizations, staff of libraries and schools.
15 February 11:24
Police officers seized about 2 kilograms of N-methylephedrone.
15 February 11:20
The offender in a medical mask entered the entrances of residential buildings with the victims. Then, using force, he took away bags, wallets and valuables and ran away after that.
15 February 09:06
The head of a farm is suspected of appropriation of funds.
13 February 14:30
A citizen of Moldova, Vyacheslav Banu, born in 1976, has been extradited from Russia to Italy.
12 February 14:45
As part of the investigation of the criminal cases, investigators conducted 13 searches, interrogated more than 50 witnesses and eyewitnesses, appointed 65 different examinations.
12 February 14:30
Nariman Gadzhiev served as Minister for Information Policy and Mass Communications of the Republic of Dagestan from September 2012 to February 2013.
12 February 13:07
The total damage exceeded 5 million 200 thousand rubles.
12 February 11:30
About 165 kg of the drug mephedrone, more than two tons of precursors and other substances, as well as special equipment, including two chemical reactors, were seized from the laboratory during the search.
12 February 11:20 1
On the 348 km of the M-7 road, officers of the Detached Battalion of the Traffic Patrol Service of the Traffic Police of the MIA of Russia GA for the Nizhny Novgorod Region stopped a car to check the driver's documents.
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