01 October 15:30 3
The meeting participants exchanged experience of applying new technologies in the activities of the Russian internal affairs bodies in the context of the rapid information development of the society.
01 October 15:19
The defendant created a clone company of one of the suppliers, changing just one letter in the name.
01 October 12:00
“Officers of the Traffic Police of the IAA for the NWAD of Moscow detained the driver of a premium car for flagrant violation of traffic rules,” said the official spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
01 October 11:41
Using the legend with a “relative who had got into a traffic accident”, the criminals stole over 420 thousand rubles.
01 October 10:30
“Searches were conducted in the warehouse and garage rented by the offender, as well as in his place of residence,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
01 October 10:18
The administration official is accused of embezzlement of 1 million 369 thousand rubles. His property has been arrested.
30 September 16:50 3
In his speech, Vladimir Kubyshko focused the attention on strengthening the personnel potential of the internal affairs bodies and pointed out to the personal responsibility of each leader in solving that problem.
28 September 17:50 4
It took place in the village of Kurakinsky, Sverdlovsky District of the Oryol Region, where the prince’s family estate was previously located.
28 September 15:00 8
The Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia noted that taking the Oath levied officers with a great responsibility for ensuring the rule of law in the country, for the safety of citizens.
28 September 14:40 13
The Chief of the Ministry emphasized that the ability to work in a team was important when solving service tasks.
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