29 December 2018 08:00
“The presentation of the book “Looking to the future... The MIA of Russia system of personnel training” took place at the MIA of Russia Academy of Management,” the MIA Spokesperson Irina Volk said.
29 December 2018 00:01
“May the year 2019 be a successful and constructive year, justify our hopes and expectations, become the time of new professional achievements.”
28 December 2018 19:08
The leadership of the MIA of Russia instructed the Chief of the MIA GA for the Irkutsk Region to check the materials published in the media about the illegal hunting of a bear in the region.
28 December 2018 14:01
The offenders penetrated into the store at night through a ventilation shaft, having disassembled a brick wall.
28 December 2018 13:35 11
“The event, in which families of veterans participated, was held at the Moscow International Business Center ‘Moscow-City’,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk.
28 December 2018 12:50
Operatives of the MIA of Russia GA for Criminal Investigation are taking measures to establish additional episodes of the illegal activities and detain all members of the gang.
28 December 2018 12:30
According to preliminary information, the defendants received from 820 victims the money, of which over 500 million rubles were misappropriated and spent for personal needs.
28 December 2018 09:35
During the meeting, the conditions for the formation of the European Center for International Police Interaction at the site of the EU police service in the Hague for the period of Euro-2020 were discussed.
28 December 2018 09:30
“He has been charged with committing a crime stipulated by part 4 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
28 December 2018 09:00
“About 20 kilograms of prohibited substances have been withdrawn from the illicit trafficking,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk.
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