25 March 07:30
At night, a traffic police crew of the MIA of Russia Division for the city of Novocheboksarsk began the pursue of a Toyota SUV, the driver of which had not obeyed a lawful requirement to stop.
24 March 16:20
The draft decree provides for a set of organizational and legal tasks to achieve the goals set in the Strategy.
24 March 16:00
In respect of the suspect, the Lobnensky City Court chose a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody.
24 March 14:30
Police detachments, operational services, police precinct officers and officers of juvenile units were oriented to the search for the child and the persons involved in her disappearance.
24 March 13:39
In total, the defendants managed to steal more than four hundred tons of crude oil worth more than 10 million rubles.
24 March 13:28
The total amount of damage resulting from the unlawful actions exceeded 249 million rubles.
24 March 06:30
The police detained five suspects in the city of Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Region. Those turned to be residents of CIS countries aged from 29 to 40.
23 March 15:30
Senior sergeant of Police was killed while on duty.
23 March 15:00
Police detained four citizens aged from 33 to 42 on suspicion of committing thefts.
23 March 13:09
Police officers revealed the misappropriation of funds and three facts of theft of funds totaling more than 1 million rubles.
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