23 June 09:20 5
Over the past 15 years from the date of its foundation, a number of international events have been effectively implemented by the Council in cooperation with the CSTO Secretariat.
23 June 09:06
Four defendants were charged with robbery, brigandage and theft of documents.
22 June 18:15 8
The departmental delegation was headed by First Deputy-Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel-General Aleksandr Gorovoy.
22 June 15:16
The total material damage amounted to approximately seven million rubles.
22 June 14:30
The headman of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin addressed made a statement about the theft to the police.
22 June 12:30
According to the expert opinion, the containers were filled with a solution containing mephedrone and the psychotropic substance - amphetamine.
22 June 11:12
The offenders specialized in the theft of premium cars.
22 June 10:30
Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for the suspect.
19 June 13:42
By overstating the scope of work, the suspect stole more than 16 million rubles.
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