16 January 17:18 3
7 natives of CIS republics solemnly swore to abide by the Russian law, be faithful to Russia, respect its culture, history and traditions.
16 January 13:49
The young man acquired large batches of drugs, split them and placed in caches.
16 January 12:51
The involvement of the offenders in ten facts of unlawful activities in the territory of Kuban and Adygea was established.
16 January 11:34
The offenders introduced themselves as plumbers and stole money and valuables. The damage amounted to 500 thousand rubles.
16 January 10:38
According to bank employees, there were about 6.3 million rubles in the stolen ATM.
16 January 10:00
The study confirmed that it was a synthetic drug with a total weight of about 4 kilograms, that was, about 19 thousand single doses.
15 January 17:40 1
Accompanied by officers of the MIA of Russia NCB of Interpol and the FSIN of Russia Garry Grigoryants was delivered to Moscow from Vienna.
15 January 14:10
As a result of the director's actions the budget suffered a damage of about 40 million rubles.
15 January 11:23
The total amount of the damage caused to the victims exceeded 19 million rubles.
15 January 10:00
In garage boxes and storage rooms, police officers found more than 26 thousand liters of alcohol-containing liquid in bottles with logos of famous brands.
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