17 February 11:30
Posing as employees of communal services, they entered the apartments of residents of St. Petersburg, persuading the owners to urgently install additional electrical and gas equipment.
17 February 09:30
Since September 2020, there have been identified more than 20 cases of implementation of such a scheme, as a result of which more than 6.7 million rubles have been stolen from citizens.
16 February 17:50
During the search, conducted at the detainee’s place of residence, a registered hunting rifle was seized.
16 February 16:20
The head of the structural unit of the community was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and nine rank-and-file participants - to terms from 14 to 17 years in prison.
16 February 15:20
Through a number of controlled credit consumer cooperatives, the offenders entered into fictitious contracts with citizens who had state certificates for maternity capital.
16 February 11:20
According to available information, the offenders posed as employees of a gas service company and, under the pretext of checking the equipment, entered the apartments of citizens.
16 February 09:06 3
The damage caused to the forest fund of the Russian Federation, exceeded 500 thousand rubles.
15 February 14:05
The suspect entered knowingly false information in the documentation. The damage amounted to 1 million rubles.
15 February 13:00
“In conversation with me the staff always behaved correctly, they were polite and answered the questions informatively,” the citizen writes in her letter.
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