10 September 14:30
During the searches, two lines and eight machines for the production of tobacco products, over 100 boxes of finished products and a ton of tobacco were seized.
10 September 12:30
At a busy intersection, he continued moving at a red light. At that time, three teenagers on bicycles and a grandfather with a small grandson were at the crosswalk.
10 September 11:49
The defendant attempted stealing a large amount of money from an industrial enterprise.
10 September 10:38
Promising help in getting a loan, the offenders stole more than 1.5 million rubles from residents of the Kama area.
10 September 10:30
From each transaction, they received a remuneration of 10-13 percent of the transferred amount. According to the preliminary data, the income from the unlawful banking exceeded 100 million rubles.
09 September 16:00
According to available information, the offender called an 82-year-old resident of the capital and introduced himself as a law enforcement officer.
09 September 14:57
The woman explained that she had married the foreigner so that he could receive in a simplified manner a temporary permit for residence in the Russian Federation.
09 September 13:01 2
Law enforcement officers carried out an operation, as a result of which they detained the man while he was receiving a parcel with pregabalin.
09 September 13:00
Police officers seized a watercraft with a motor, as well as hoses, a jet nozzle and light diving equipment.
09 September 12:49
The amount of illegal income received by the organized group totaled ten and a half million rubles.
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