27 March 09:00
The teacher, by deception, misled 20 students, having received money from them in the amount of 70,000 rubles.
26 March 16:30
The work is carried out in close cooperation with other state departments
26 March 15:20 2
Vladimir Kolokoltsev emphasized the importance of competent work with the personnel and wished success to the newly appointed chiefs in solving crucial tasks of ensuring law and order in the country.
26 March 12:20 2
In the units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the regions, additional measures will be taken to protect citizens and policemen from the spread of coronavirus infection.
26 March 11:30
When inspecting the car, a suitcase with packaged substances of plant and synthetic origin was found in the trunk.
25 March 16:44
For several months, the offender stole the jewelry of her relative. The total material damage exceeded 400 thousand rubles.
25 March 14:30
During the search, the defendants tried to get rid of some of the drugs by throwing them out of the window.
25 March 14:00
Investigators of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Pskov Region completed the investigation of a criminal case against three citizen of the city of Pskov.
25 March 10:54
The damage caused by the offender’s actions amounted to more than 110 thousand rubles.
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