19 January 17:00
The man has made a confession. He used the stolen money at his own discretion.
19 January 13:52
The head of the organization evaded taxes and transferred money to third parties’ accounts. The damage exceeded 5 million rubles.
19 January 13:20 10
On the night of January 18 to January 19, 4.5 thousand of populated localities of the Russian Federation held over 8 thousand events devoted to the celebration of the Epiphany.
19 January 12:15
It was established that during 2019 the man misappropriated municipal property and monetary funds for the total amount of over 1.6 million rubles.
19 January 11:30
Two locals were hiding the drug lab behind the removable rack in the indoor parking space. Both defendants were detained.
19 January 11:28
As a result of the offender’s unlawful activities, the total amount of damage caused is over 71 million rubles.
19 January 10:43
A 27-year-old previously convicted resident of the Alagirsky District admitted stealing twelve exhibit items.
19 January 09:50
The quality of counterfeits manufacture was so high that the only possible way to distinguish them from authentic money was using special equipment. 
18 January 12:12
Instead of premium LED lighting fixtures, economy-class lighting fixtures were installed.
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