13 September 22:15 4
Thanks to the coordinated actions of all law enforcement agencies, violations that could affect the election results were not allowed.
11 September 14:50 1
MIA officers detained all members of an organized inter-ethnic criminal group.
11 September 14:00 2
The offenders rented a car, as well as an apartment in a house located on Petrov Street in Izhevsk, in which they packed drugs.
11 September 13:00
9 depositors suffered from the offender's actions, and the total of the stolen money amounted to 3 million rubles.
11 September 12:30
During searches at the defendants’ places of residence, nine pieces of firearms and their main parts as well as devices for silent shooting (silencers) were found.
11 September 11:30 2
As a result of the measures taken, several violations were revealed.
11 September 10:30
Members of the group did not fulfill their obligations, and the clients were not provided with housing.
10 September 17:00 3
The head of the Main Directorate for Migration answered in detail the questions regarding the latest changes in the legislation on citizenship and migration registration.
10 September 15:00
The company's accountant did not submit a value added tax return to the tax authority.
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