21 January 14:30
At present, we know that the more than 600 persons made use of the criminal service. The caused damage amounted to more than 150 million rubles.
21 January 10:30
The policemen also identified the four customers of such illegal goods, one of them bought 15 guns and carbines.
20 January 15:29
In the course of the search conducted at the suspect’s place, the operatives seized an especially large batch of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
20 January 14:10
Currently, over 200 statements have been received from the victims each of whom gave from 1 to 8.5 million rubles to a microcredit company.
20 January 14:00 4
From April 2020 to February 2021, the malefactors organized and made an active use of the channel to supply drugs to the region for further distribution using online stores.
20 January 13:00
He is charged with committing of murder, using of violence in respect of the public officers, assaults related to robbery and a series of thefts on the territory of the region.
20 January 11:30
The earnings from the criminal business amounted to over 48 million rubles.
20 January 10:21 4
Migration Unite of the Russian MIA General Administration for the Saratov Region became one of the sites of the preventive promotional event for students and the foreign students have become the participants of the event.
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