26 June 10:38
The Police seized 1 kg of marijuana and 1,100 MDMA tablets from the detainee’s car.
26 June 09:59
The suspect has committed more than 30 property crimes to a total amount of over 1.7 million rubles.
26 June 04:30 2
In the Bokhansky District of Pribaikalye, the police within two hours solved a car theft and together with a local resident, pulled the drowning hijacker from the water. 
25 June 12:07
The offenders turned to be two unemployed residents of Krasnoyarsk aged 55 and 57.
25 June 12:01
Two customers tried to detain the attacker, but the offender wounded one of them.
25 June 11:45
The police officer, having witnessed a traffic accident, instantly assessed the situation and prevented an uncontrolled car from hitting a three-year-old boy.
25 June 10:34
The investigators seized 4 kilograms of amphetamine, 75 grams of cocaine and another 20 grams of the synthetic drug MDMA.
25 June 10:30
Since February of this year, a number of statements from local residents were received by territorial police divisions.
25 June 09:54
More than 5 thousand packs of foreign-made cigarettes were seized to a total amount of about 187 thousand rubles.
23 June 10:30
At the end of May, a 67-year-old woman turned to the police with a statement. She said that an unknown man had called her cell phone, and introduced himself as a bank employee.
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