18 March 09:00
During the technical inspection of the vehicle it was established that the identification number had been subjected to alteration.
16 March 11:30 4
Aleksandr Gorovoy and Vitaly Shulika took part in the opening ceremony.
16 March 09:00 4
The team has created more than one and a half hundred books, the main characters of which are ordinary employees of internal affairs bodies who honestly and professionally perform their duties.
15 March 16:10 4
In Petrozavodsk, the Chief of the Ministry inspected the building of the Forensic Center, which overhauling should be completed in 2020.
15 March 16:00
The investigation of a theft of funds for the construction of apartments for residents of dilapidated and emergency housing was completed by the MIA of Russia Administration for the Trans-Baikal Territory.
15 March 13:38
After drinking alcohol, the man decided to crack the cash register, then sat down to rest and fell asleep on the floor of the store.
15 March 12:00
It was established that in 2016, the former beneficiary and the leadership of the financial organization issued knowingly bad loans totaling about 1 billion rubles.
15 March 11:45 1
The Minister will get acquainted with the progress in the reconstruction of administrative buildings of the Forensic Center and one of the district divisions of internal affairs.
15 March 10:00
On this fact the investigators initiated a criminal case on the grounds of the crime stipulated by part 2 of Article 161 of the RF Criminal Code.
14 March 19:05 1
The event takes place in the capital of the Republic of Austria - Vienna.
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