30 June 07:30
The offenders posing as specialists in finance offered a profitable investment, promising large dividends to investors.
29 June 15:00
A 35-year-old resident of the Novosibirsk Region organized a criminal community for the distribution of narcotic drugs, which included nine men and seven women.
29 June 11:00
The victims as equity holders in money loan deals entered into agreements with a financial and credit organization located on the Leninsky Prospekt.
29 June 10:11
Unjustified payments in the amount of about 210 thousand rubles were made.
26 June 14:05
The total damage to organizations exceeded 300 thousand rubles.
26 June 13:44
Chief Accountant of a municipal institution is suspected of embezzlement of about half a million rubles.
26 June 12:16
In total, during the investigation 13 episodes of criminal activity with damage of over 29.6 million rubles were revealed and documented. 
26 June 11:27
Thus, the defendant managed to appropriate company funds in the amount of 8 million 750 thousand rubles.
26 June 11:25
MIA of Russia Chief emphasized: “The volume of the seized narcotics would make it possible to produce about 150 thousand single doses, which at the black market prices makes more than 100 million rubles”.
26 June 11:20 2
The MIA of Russia Chief informed about the current operational situation.
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