19 March 12:50
The offenders were selling to elderly citizens biologically active supplements under the guise of expensive medicines.
19 March 11:47
The offenders stole from the dealership a Japanese-made SUV worth more than five million rubles.
19 March 10:30
“Drug Control officers of the MIA of Russia GA for the city of Moscow detained suspects in the distribution of potent substances on a large scale,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson, Irina Volk.
19 March 09:38
Three university students are suspected of ten facts of theft of gold jewelry from girls' apartments.
19 March 09:06
Having sole access to cash, an employee of a post office appropriated three hundred thousand rubles.
19 March 07:00
Investigators of Police Division No. 6 of the MIA of Russia Inter-district Administration “Krasnoyarskoye” completed the investigation and sent to court a criminal case against a man accused of fraud.
18 March 12:18
One of the victims, fearing the use of violence, transferred to the unknown persons one million rubles.
18 March 11:00 1
A citizen of Uzbekistan, accused of robbery, was hiding in Penza, and a native of Azerbaijan, wanted for committing fraud, was hiding in a suburb of the regional center.
18 March 10:55
Guards of order told about changes in the legislation, the requirements for foreigners intending to carry out labor activities in the Russian Federation, and about the streamlined procedure of public services.
18 March 10:30
Police officers of the MIA of Administration for the Kolomensky Urban District of the Moscow Region detained a repeatedly convicted 42-year-old local resident suspected of robbery.
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