23 September 10:28
The budget of the Russian Federation suffered a damage of over 2.6 million rubles.
22 September 12:30
The offenders called pensioners and introduced themselves as their close relatives. Then it was said that they had committed a traffic accident, as a result of which people were injured, or another illegal act.
22 September 12:30 1
"The order of the MIA of Russia noted the bold and decisive actions of the police officers in the detention of an armed criminal,” the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk said.
22 September 10:30
In his travel suitcase the police found 30 plastic containers of 0.5 liters each with caviar of the sturgeon family.
22 September 09:03 6
The training course for the nine national police authorities of South-East Asian States is held in a remote format.
22 September 03:48 4
The man spent a year and a half in prison for stealing diamonds worth about 1.5 million rubles.
21 September 16:19
Part of the amount the attacker kept to himself and disposed of at his own discretion.
21 September 16:00 3
The participants of the meeting paid special attention to defining priority areas in countering the leaders and participants of organized criminal groups. 
21 September 12:30
One of the offenders rented a cottage on the outskirts of the city of Saratov and, together with an accomplice, produced on its territory alcoholic beverages without marking.
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