16 September 08:46
The attacks were carried out on small shops located in uncrouded areas or on the outskirts of settlements.
15 September 15:30
The proposed amendments expand the list of citizens who are not subject to this prohibition.
15 September 15:30
According to preliminary data, the total amount of stolen funds may exceed one billion rubles, and more than 50 depositors are the victims.
15 September 15:12
The guardians of law and order, in cooperation with heads of kindergartens, established the personal data of the child.
15 September 14:05 6
Under a far-fetched pretext, the offenders demanded 450 thousand rubles from a native of Tunisia.
15 September 11:44
The total amount of the damage exceeded 104 million rubles.
15 September 11:30
Police seized in warehouse premises more than three and a half thousand bottles of various alcoholic products, one and a half tons of alcohol.
14 September 21:00 2
At the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Spain, a solemn ceremony of awarding the MIA of Russia medals “For Combat Commonwealth” took place.
14 September 15:29
Two brothers disabled eight pavers. The total damage exceeded 3.2 million rubles.
14 September 13:00
According to investigators, the offender created websites of non-existent banks. With their help, citizens could submit a request for on-line lending, after which they received a call from the suspect.
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