19 August 12:30
The young Astrakhan resident was not injured. As it turned out, he had fallen into the water when throwing pebbles into the river. His mom thanked the police squad for saving her son.
19 August 11:14
The offenders demanded for a transfer of 600 thousand rubles to them.
19 August 10:27
An office worker in a cellular company developed a scheme for the illegal re-registration and sale of numbers in the category “gold” and “silver”.
18 August 18:00
The offenders, using electronic keys and master keys, entered elite residential complexes located in the Central, Western and North-Western administrative districts of Moscow.
18 August 15:15
In June, the citizen, using a pry bar, stole over two dozen mobile phones worth 1.3 million rubles.
18 August 15:00
The offenders created a malicious software intended for unauthorized obtaining of Internet users' data and neutralizing information security tools.
18 August 14:28
Employee of a company transferred money to an organization under his control as payment under a fictitious service contract.
18 August 12:39
The offender managed to steal 199 thousand from 11 local residents.
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