14 September 15:10
It was found that the 40-year-old apartment owner had registered 14 foreign nationals with the migration register, but had not provided them with temporary accommodation.
14 September 12:30
The offender, having a database of telephone numbers, called elderly citizens and informed them that their relatives had committed a crime or had become culprits of a traffic accident.
14 September 11:00 2
This year, 140 young motorsportsmen from 29 regions of Russia take part in the competitions.
14 September 10:30
The illegal laboratory was located in a hangar in the village of Semenovskoye.
14 September 10:24
Law enforcement officers seized at the place of residence of four defendants about two kilograms of synthetic drugs.
13 September 14:30
As a result of operational-search measures at one of the railway stations of the capital, the police detained a resident of the city of Vladimir.
13 September 10:30
Among the victims there is a 100-year-old local woman. On the phone, the swindler introduced himself as her son and said that he had had a traffic accident and was at that moment in the hospital.
13 September 09:50
The day before, an unknown woman called her and informed on the possibility of getting a compensation. She convinced the woman that to receive the payment she needed an insurance policy.
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