16 September 13:19
The inaccurate documentation served as the basis for the illegal transfer of more than 12.5 million rubles to the accounts of construction companies.
16 September 10:30
Investigators found that the pipe from the illegal connection led to a hangar rented by a resident of the capital on the Karachevskoye highway of the city of Bryansk.
15 September 20:10 1
Large-scale search and operational activities continued in the non-stop mode since the receipt of the statement from the child's father.
15 September 16:30
On July 16 at 12:58 on an unregulated pedestrian crossing near house No. 5 on Aviatorov Street, the driver of a Mazda car hit three young children, one of whom was in a stroller.
15 September 15:20
In the granary where the woman worked, a gust of squally wind slammed the hangar gate. One flap hit the woman in the back, because of which she fell down and received a serious head injury.
15 September 13:39
The crystals seized by the police with a total mass of more than five kilograms contained N-methylephedrone.
15 September 12:45 1
“Very soon, Daria Ryabova will be helping people in her new capacity,” said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.
15 September 09:11
The offenders introduced themselves as bank employees and informed the victims about the allegedly unauthorized debiting of money from their cards.
15 September 06:00
As a result of operational-search measures in two districts of the republic, as well as in Yakutsk, more than two tons of aquatic biological resources were seized.
14 September 16:30
In 2010, the defendant worked as a seller in an auto store in the city of Omsk. According to available information, while in his workplace, he sold drugs to citizens.
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