24 August 13:51
The suspect has knowingly entered false information into the documents, overestimating the actual performance of his enterprise.
24 August 12:30
Operational search activities were carried out for several months. In March of this year, the police documented the sale of a gilded pistol fit for firing 9 mm live ammunition.
24 August 10:30
According to the investigation, the offenders produced and sold to individuals fake registration documents, acting under the guise of public services provision.
24 August 00:01
In different parts of our country, officers of the MIA of Russia units installed the Russian flag in the most beautiful places of their regions.
23 August 09:30
In the evening, a message from a local resident was received by the duty-unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the Magdagachinsky District that two women got lost in the forest.
21 August 15:00
The offenders in the period from 2018 to 2019 stole oil products through unauthorized tie-ins into the Zhirnovsk-Volgograd oil trunk pipeline in the Krasnoarmeisky District of Volgograd.
21 August 14:29
The applicant entered into loan agreements with the head of the peasant farm for a total amount of about 10 million rubles.
21 August 13:31 6
The total damage amounts to 5.5 million rubles.
21 August 12:26
Placement to custody was selected by the Lyuberetsky City Court as the preventive measure for the suspect.
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