11 February 2014 13:35 1
The bronze medal of Alexander Smyshlyaev, Master of Sports of International Class in Freestyle (discipline "Mogul"), became a major achievement of the Russian team.
08 February 2014 15:36 4
Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Senior Vice President of ANO "Organizing Committee Sochi - 2014" Denis Sekachev met in the MIA Administration of the city of Sochi with members of the core group of police officers who accompanied the Olympic Flame.
08 February 2014 10:25
As part of the national team 49 servicemen and employees of the Internal Troops of Russia will struggle for the Olympic medals: 45 participants (20% of the Russian national team), 3 alternate members of the team and 1 coach.
07 February 2014 09:24 1
The victims were taken to hospital, where they were given the necessary medical assistance. The lives of the two men are out of danger.
07 February 2014 09:05
In the area of ​​the Nadezhdino village the malefactors were washing out the soil using engine-driven pumps. Law offenders extracted 300 grams of "sun stone."
06 February 2014 15:23
In accordance with the Russian legislation, the activities of designing, manufacturing, selling and acquiring such products are subject to compulsory licensing.
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