11 January 2014 10:00
Today, accompanied by officers of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, Vladimir Krasavchikov - the organizer of an international criminal group engaged for nearly 10 years in smuggling cocaine from the Republic of Ecuador to Russia was extradited from the Netherlands to Russia.
10 January 2014 12:49
The policeman noticed that the second car from Yakutsk bound for Nizhniy Bestykh village went under the ice. The policeman helped the elderly driver to get out of the truck. Later the driver told him that in thick fog he had not noticed the hole in the ice.
10 January 2014 11:03
Inspectors of MIA Juvenile Division Police Captain Evdokiya Petrova and Police Senior Lieutenant Aytalina Gavrilyeva ran into the house and led the children outside. At the same time assistant precinct police officer - senior warrant officer Gennady Illarionov was extinguishing the fire. By the arrival of fire-brigade the fire was localized.
10 January 2014 10:19
Police Sergeant Fyodor Khoroshilov heard shouts for help and rant to the house on fire. In one of the windows he noticed a burning firefighter. Together with the assistant commander of the guard, he pulled the MOE employee out of the fire and provided first aid to him.
04 January 2014 21:30
Presidential Decree removed from office, appointed to office and dismissed from service the following officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the MIA General Command of Internal Troops.
04 January 2014 17:16
Private Security Service of the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region in the night time received information from the staff on duty about alarm triggered in one of the apartments.
04 January 2014 15:58
In the morning, on the 217th kilometer of the Tyumen-Omsk highway the attention of the road police was attracted by a young woman walking along the road with a small girl in her hands. The thermometer indicated about minus 30 degrees. The two-year old child was lightly dressed and had no shoes.
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