18 April 2014 12:57 3
During the inspection the Police found in the trunk of the car and seized five bundles that the malefactor was planning to sell. A study of the bundles showed that they had inside more than 5 kilograms of heroin containing mixture.
18 April 2014 10:25
The event organizers evaluated the actions of vehicle owners by several criteria - appearance of the car, driver's behavior at pedestrian crossings and intersections. But the most important indicator was the absence of fines for traffic violations.
18 April 2014 10:00
In the territory of the Verhnelandeh and Pestyakov districts of the Ivanovo Region there was recorded a series of crimes involving theft of icons. Malefactors committed thefts of religious objects from private homes.
17 April 2014 16:48 4
On the eve of this date in the Shimsk village of the Novgorod Region there took place the opening ceremony of the exhibition of paintings by a veteran of internal affairs, retired police lieutenant colonel Gennady Yatsenko. Exposition of 15 works by the artist is displayed in the concert hall of the Shimsk Children's Art School, and it can be visited by anyone.
17 April 2014 12:33 2
The event, aimed at raising the cultural level of traffic participants, was attended by more than two hundred people. Among them there were famous athletes and public figures.
17 April 2014 09:55 3
There was heavy smoke coming from the entrance of the house and cries for help were heard from the apartment. The policemen immediately summoned a fire brigade and an ambulance. Walking up the stairs, the police discovered that the apartment entrance door was closed.
17 April 2014 09:33
Smolensk Traffic Police organizes a preventive campaign, "Foreigner" in the course of which they will focus on collecting fines imposed on foreign nationals.
17 April 2014 09:20 4
The program of events includes: performances of the Cultural Center and of the brass band of the MIA General Administration for the Stavropol Territory, "lessons of courage" for schoolchildren, OMON riot police shows, rallies and ceremonies of laying flowers at the monument of Eternal Glory.
17 April 2014 08:21
Policemen of the MIA General Administration for the Central Federal District in Moscow and staff of the Criminal Investigation Administration for the Eastern Administrative District of the MIA General Administration for the city of Moscow detained a 31-year-old native of the Republic of Tajikistan. During personal inspection there was found and seized a narcotic substance "heroin".
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