22 April 2014 15:25
Film by the Center for Prevention of Extremism of the MIA of Kabardino-Balkaria "Facing the truth" became the winner and received a diploma and a special prize of the 16th International Festival of Detective Films and Television Programs on Law Enforcement Topics "DetectiveFEST" in the category "Terrorism - a threat to the world."
22 April 2014 15:10
Because of the strong smoke it was impossible to enter the house. The policeman knocked-out a window and got inside. In the back room he found on the bed an unconscious girl and carried her out of the burning building.
22 April 2014 13:13
Criminal Investigators of the Police Division "Kuznetsky" of the MIA Administration for Novokuznetsk received operative information that a 31-year-old woman, a local resident, sold drugs.
22 April 2014 12:20
In the Guryevsk District of the Kaliningrad Region Traffic Police inspectors stopped a car for violation of traffic rules. The policemen noticed a plastic bag lying on the passenger seat. Inside the bag there was amber weighing more than a kilogram.
21 April 2014 13:00
Late in the evening a 28-year-old resident of the village Svetly yar called the duty-unit of the police. The worried woman sought help from the police in the search for her 4-year-old son.
21 April 2014 12:35
The boy with his friends was playing on the frozen river in a place where there was a large hole in the ice. Vladimir Kosinsky, unit commander of the Patrol and Inspection Service saw this through the window of his apartment.
21 April 2014 09:39
Police seized in the sports bar 30 gaming machines, 2 system units and documentation. A check of this fact is underway.
18 April 2014 15:30 4
In the Kaluga Region Military Order for courage demonstrated during a service mission to the North Caucasus, was posthumously awarded to Alexander Nagibin, a Criminal Investigator of the MIA Division for the Zhukovsky District.
18 April 2014 13:55 1
For courage and selflessness in the line of duty, a Presidential Decree awarded the medal "For Courage" (posthumously) to Detective of the Criminal Investigation division of the MIA Division for the Vyselkovsky District Police Captain Sergey V. Stalnoy.
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