24 April 2014 09:54
Employees of the MIA Intermunicipal Division "Nazarovsky" of the Krasnoyarsk Territory detained a man suspected of trafficking synthetic drugs on a large scale.
24 April 2014 09:27 4
The Police of Orsk together with a team of Young Traffic Inspectors came to the square of the town, to support the regional action "Electronic police." The genuine interest of adults was the best reward for the children.
23 April 2014 16:09 1
In Volgograd, Chief of the MIA Administration for Public Relations, Major-General of the Internal Service Andrey Pilipchuk, opened the annual  All-Russian seminar-meeting of chiefs of regional press services of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
23 April 2014 14:57 2
In the Interdistrict Examination Division of the city of Kemerovo Young Traffic Inspectors reminded future drivers of the need to follow the Traffic rules.
23 April 2014 13:05
The Police Division of the Leninsky District of the MIA Administration for the city of Perm received a statement from a local resident that her twelve year old daughter left home and did not return.
23 April 2014 11:40 1
During the inspection of the car there was found a cache, in which there was a package with white powder. The investigation established that the package contained heroin weighing 958 grams.
23 April 2014 10:40 2
Moscow is hosting the 6th All-Russian International Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems. The most significant event of the Congress was the specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies of road safety "Safe Roads /SafeRoadsExpo" and the international conference on road safety held within its framework and bearing the same name.
23 April 2014 10:22 1
The policemen jumped the fence and started knocking on the windows, trying to figure out, whether there was anyone inside. A man responded to their shouts. The policemen entered the filled with smoke room and evacuated the victim to the street.
22 April 2014 16:05
With the result of 260 kg the athlete from Kabardino-Balkaria  won the first place in the weight category of 140 kg in bench press competitions without equipment.
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