24 January 17:45 6
Aleksandr Gorovoy took part in the extended meeting of the Collegium of the MIA of Russia GA for the Saratov Region, dedicated to summing up the results of operational activities in 2019.
24 January 14:48
The offender committed remote theft of funds from senior citizens.
24 January 12:30
In one of the sparsely populated villages of the Smolensk Region on the territory of a homestead, the man, organized an illegal workshop, where he converted demilitarized arms into combat ones.
24 January 11:09
A fact of illegal storage of alcoholic beverages in the industrial zone was revealed.
24 January 09:26
The total weight of the illegally transported products was 850 kilograms.
24 January 07:30
Investigators found that under the guise of trading activities in the sale of fishing goods, offenders were engaged in the packaging of drugs.
23 January 19:30 4
First Deputy-Minister gave a positive assessment of the activities of the Moscow police and outlined the range of priority tasks.
23 January 16:00 4
The meeting was attended by the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov, heads of law enforcement bodies of the region and representatives of the regional executive authorities.
23 January 14:30 3
The duty-unit of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division “Saratovsky”, received a message that a car had driven out on the ice of the Tereshka River and had dipped in a wormwood.
23 January 12:30
It was established that the offenders cracked-open windows in first floor apartments of residential buildings, illegally entered premises and stole personal belongings of citizens.
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