17 September 13:29
Law enforcement officers blocked the channel of sale of narcotic drugs of plant origin through “caches”.
17 September 12:37
A resident of the Novosibirsk Region sold non-existent aerated concrete blocks via the Internet.
17 September 12:37
The offender hit the 75-year-old pensioner several times on the head with a wooden stick.
17 September 12:00 5
The transfer of vehicles took place within the framework of the assistance agreement.
17 September 10:47 1
PPS officers received a message that a wooden apartment building was burning in the old part of Minusinsk.
17 September 09:45 1
The police quickly got on the trail of the fraudster and detained him at the moment of conclusion of the next “deal”.
16 September 15:26
The involvement of the defendants in the commission of 32 episodes of money theft from the bank accounts of the victims totaling about 1,500,000 rubles was established.
16 September 14:38 5
According to the preliminary data, the damage caused by the offenders’ actions amounted to six million rubles.
16 September 14:20
The driver and passenger were squeezed by the crushed parts of the vehicle, but police officers managed to pull them out through the windshield.
16 September 14:20
The Police found that a local resident registered 19 foreign nationals with the migration register but did not provide them with temporary residence.
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