26 August 09:30
The circumstances of more than 200 episodes of fraudulent activities have now been established. The damage exceeded 3 million rubles.
25 August 16:00
According to preliminary data, shadow financiers generated a total income of more than 132 million rubles, charging for their services a commission of at least 10 %.
25 August 12:00
On August 15, monks of the Alexander Nevsky Male Monastery told the police that an unknown person, having broken a window, penetrated into one of the monastery temples.
25 August 11:17
The damage from the unlawful activities of the offenders totaled 90 million rubles.
25 August 07:30
A total of more than 400 kilograms of the Far Eastern sea cucumber were withdrawn from the illicit trafficking. The damage exceeded 30 million rubles.
24 August 18:30 4
The examinations were conducted at the base of one of the police units of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, located forty kilometers away from the city of Addis Ababa.
24 August 17:15
According to available information, the sale of drugs was carried out through an on-line store created by offenders in the shadow segment of the Internet.
24 August 15:00
It was preliminarily established that in the premises of the hotel, located on Mnevniki Street, three offenders demanded one million rubles from a local resident.
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