18 February 2014 14:37
Police officers with dogs carefully examined the street. No suspicious objects, or bombs or explosives were found.
18 February 2014 12:22
Internal affairs bodies operating on railway, air and water transport of the Russian Federation, celebrate their 95th birthday.
18 February 2014 10:00
The Police found that the crime involved two men and the woman operator of the gas station.
18 February 2014 09:25
The fact of illegal entrepreneurship is being investigated.
17 February 2014 09:26
The European Cup in Men's Judo was held in Austria, Police Senior Lieutenant Murat Gasiev, International Master of Sports representing MIA Administration for the Republic of Northern Ossetia-Alania, was a member of the national team of Russia.
17 February 2014 08:42
Officers of the MIA General Administration for Criminal Investigation in cooperation with colleagues from Criminal Investigation Division of MIA Administration for the Eastern Administrative District of the Mia General Administration in the city of Moscow and Criminal Investigation Division of MIA Administration for the Tver Region suppressed the activity of an organized group whose members are suspected of committing fraudulent actions against pensioners.
17 February 2014 08:39
In 2013 more than 1.1 million people subscribed to the service of SMS-informing on administrative fines for traffic violations.
17 February 2014 08:28 4
At the Olympic Games in Sochi servicemen of Russia’s Internal Troops, International Master of Sports Captain Alexander Legkov, Private Alexander Bessmertnykh and Justice Major Maxim Vylegzhanin won silver medals in the ski relay race of 4x10 km.
15 February 2014 10:56
Accompanied by officers of the MIA National Central Bureau of Interpol and of the FSIN of Russia Kesova Jordanova Elena, born in 1969 was delivered to Moscow from Greece.
14 February 2014 10:05 2
On the race day, Evgeny turned 26 years old. He was born in settlement Novoiliynskiy of the Perm Region. Ensign Evgeny Garanichev is a winner of a the Annecy race of the World Cup of 2013-2014 (relay).
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