28 August 07:30
According to preliminary data, more than 500 shared construction participants suffered a material damage exceeding in total 834 million rubles.
27 August 17:00
The thefts were carried out using a phishing page on the Internet, which was a copy of the official website of one of the largest Russian digital service providers.
27 August 15:30
According to the preliminary data, the damage inflicted to insurance companies exceeded two million rubles.
27 August 15:30 4
First Deputy-Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel-General A.V. Gorovoy held in the video-conference mode a meeting of the MIA Operational Staff for the prevention of offenses.
27 August 13:36 3
The group members deviated from the prescribed routes and poured part of the transported milk into special containers.
27 August 10:37 2
The police withdrew from illegal circulation more than 71 thousand units of counterfeit alcohol worth more than 29 million rubles.
27 August 09:30
The offenders, posing as employees of a gas supplying organization, by deception and abuse of trust, entered the apartments of elderly citizens under the pretext of checking the gas equipment.
26 August 14:32
Police found a package with a prohibited substance in the glove compartment under the seat of the vehicle.
26 August 11:35
“As a result of operational-search measures, police officers, detained the alleged organizer of the attack at the Vnukovo Airport of the capital,” said the official Spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
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