08 February 2014 10:25
As part of the national team 49 servicemen and employees of the Internal Troops of Russia will struggle for the Olympic medals: 45 participants (20% of the Russian national team), 3 alternate members of the team and 1 coach.
07 February 2014 09:24 1
The victims were taken to hospital, where they were given the necessary medical assistance. The lives of the two men are out of danger.
07 February 2014 09:05
In the area of ​​the Nadezhdino village the malefactors were washing out the soil using engine-driven pumps. Law offenders extracted 300 grams of "sun stone."
06 February 2014 15:23
In accordance with the Russian legislation, the activities of designing, manufacturing, selling and acquiring such products are subject to compulsory licensing.
05 February 2014 12:35
Employees of the linear police division at the "Nevinnomisskaya" station revealed a fact of illegal felling of ash-trees.
05 February 2014 11:50 2
At night Traffic Police inspectors of a Detached Traffic Police Battalion No. 2 when patrolling a road in the Narimanov District noticed smoke coming from under the wheels of a passing-by fuel tanker. In order to avoid an accident the police stopped the vehicle.
04 February 2014 17:23
Employees of the MIA National Central Bureau of Interpol extradited in the "Sheremetyevo" airport to the competent authorities of the Italian Republic a citizen of Ukraine Koval, Vassily Bogdanovich, born in 1983.
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