13 March 2014 11:59
Officers of the Criminal Investigation Administration of the Investigative Administration of the MIA Administration in the Tyumen Region stopped the activities of nine participants of an organized criminal group engaged in marketing synthetic drugs in the territory of Tyumen and a number of other cities.
13 March 2014 11:32
Officers of the MIA General Administration for the Central Federal District, MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation together with officers of the MIA General Administration for the Southern Federal District detained criminal authorities, one of whom was on the federal wanted list.
13 March 2014 10:52
Pedestrian crossings will become mobile points to train drivers and pedestrians in safe traffic. This event will take place in support of the "Slow down!" large-scale social project initiated by the Traffic Police of the Russian MIA together with the Russian Union of Auto Insurers with the information support provided by the center of expertise "Safe traffic."
12 March 2014 14:25
On August 25, 1973, Valentin Zhuravlev accompanying a convoy of buses, saved Romanian children at the cost of his own life.
12 March 2014 10:07
Policemen of the MIA General Administration for the Central Federal District in the City of Moscow detained a citizen of Tajikistan, who had escaped from custody in August last year.
12 March 2014 09:35
In 8 constituent territories of the Russian Federation there were held 8 football matches of the 20th round of the Russian Football Premier League Championship. The games attracted over 115,000 spectators.
11 March 2014 12:01 2
Employees of Private Security Service rescued an elderly woman, a resident of the town of Opochki.
11 March 2014 10:52 2
The closing ceremony of personal-team championships of the MIA of Russia in service winter biathlon and cross-country skiing and of the All-Russian competitions of the "Dynamo" Sports Society in ski racing took place in Izhevsk sports complex named after A.M. Demidov.
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