30 December 2021 11:30
In the evening, on the Kazan-Ulyanovsk highway, a column of 27 vehicles got accumulated which could not move forward because of the zero visibility.
30 December 2021 09:30
From 2013 to 2016, the defendant, being an individual entrepreneur, under the pretext of expanding his commercial activities, borrowed large amounts from his business acquaintances and colleagues.
30 December 2021 00:01
”Let the year 2022 be full of new professional achievements, become fruitful and creative, and meet the most daring expectations,” noted the MIA of Russia Chief.
29 December 2021 15:30
The offenders came to the houses and apartments of elderly citizens, posing as employees of the gas service.
29 December 2021 14:30
A frightened boy ran up to the policeman. He said that his friend went out on the thin ice of the nearby pond to get the rolled away toy car and fell through the ice into the water.
29 December 2021 13:30
While escorting a long-distance passenger train Moscow – Barnaul in one of the compartments, the police found a passenger in a state of intoxication.
29 December 2021 10:30
For their “services”, the accomplices received a commission in the amount of 15% of the received funds. According to preliminary estimates, they earned over 26 million rubles on shadow transactions.
28 December 2021 17:15
Anton Likharev is accused of fraud committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy on a particularly large scale and resulting in the deprivation of a citizen of his right to a dwelling.
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