27 December 2019 10:00
When inspecting the car, in the back seat, the police found a suitcase and a sports bag, inside which there were 21 bags made of polymer material with a yellow crystalline substance inside.
27 December 2019 06:00
According to preliminary information, the offender illegally cut more than 700 New Year fir-trees, which he planned to sell on the eve of the upcoming holidays.
26 December 2019 18:20 6
In a solemn atmosphere, Igor Kalinichenko handed a police private Yevgeny Volkov the Certificate of Merit of the Russian MIA for conscientious performance of official duties, determination and dedication.
26 December 2019 17:15
Specialists of the Administration for Migration Issues explained to legal entities and officials some changes in the migration legislation.
26 December 2019 16:45 4
The Investigation Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Mari El completed the investigation of a criminal case against a 49-year-old resident of the Republic of Tatarstan.
26 December 2019 14:15 11
The Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia noted that through joint efforts much had been done both at the federal and regional levels.
26 December 2019 12:35 3
The Minister handed the departmental medal “For Courage in the Name of Salvation” to Senior Lieutenant of Police Dmitry Bulychev, and epaulettes of Captain of Police to his colleague Igor Pomytkin.
26 December 2019 11:00
The police obtained information about the accomplices of the criminal group, as well as the channels of distribution of counterfeit banknotes with denominations of 5,000 rubles and 100 US dollars.
26 December 2019 07:00
“Due to the prompt and professional actions of the young policeman, the suspect armed with a knife was detained,” said Irina Volk, the official spokesperson for the Russian MIA.
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