03 February 10:30
It was preliminarily established that a resident of a closed cottage village in the Ramensky Urban District organized a cannabis plantation on the second floor of his house. 
03 February 10:25 1
The total amount of the damage amounted to about 900 thousand rubles.
03 February 09:06
An employee of an air-travel agency, who had appropriated more than six hundred thousand rubles, was detained.
02 February 16:45
The study found that two assault rifles and two handguns were firearms suitable for shooting. The rest of the seized items are under examination.
02 February 14:58
The offenders stole equipment from a technology machine worth 3 million rubles.
02 February 14:05 3
The detainee is an inter-regional courier for the transportation of wholesale batches of drugs.
02 February 10:32
The total damage suffered by the victim exceeded 690 thousand rubles.
02 February 07:50 1
The investigation also established the involvement of the defendant in two other crimes.
02 February 07:30
During their detention, they actively resisted the police and fighters of the Rosgvardia SOBR.
01 February 12:50
Novo-Savinovsky District Court in the City of Kazan found two heads of local developer-companies guilty of a series of crimes.
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