05 September 12:30
As a result of the unlawful activities of the defendants, almost four hundred citizens suffered a damage totaling over 345 million rubles.
05 September 24
At the facilities of the forum, service of police dog-handlers, officers of the patrol-post and road patrol services of the police and other units of the MIA of Russia in the Primorsky Territory was organized.
03 September 19:45 9
The round table was attended by representatives from eight CIS member states.
03 September 16:00
The audacious crime was committed a year ago. Two offenders sailed to the island, made a dig under the gate and penetrated the ancient monastery. Then, after squeezing off the window, they climbed into the temple.
03 September 11:15 8
Policemen thanked Vladimir Kolokoltsev for the high appreciation of their work and assured him that not a single crime coming into field of their vision in the future would be left without due attention.
03 September 10:00
According to available information, the attacker broke into the premises of a bank branch in the urban settlement of Ordzhonikidze in Feodosia.
02 September 11:30
It was preliminarily established that the detainees carried out the catching and processing of fish of sturgeon and chastic breeds for the purpose of further sale.
02 September 11:30
Visiting the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or multifunctional centers (management companies) by both a citizen and all owners of residential premises will no longer be required.
02 September 09:30
Using that criminal scheme, within two years she deceived several residents of the Irkutsk, Astrakhan, Chita and Kaluga regions. The total damage caused to them exceeded 1.5 million rubles.
01 September 19:00 4
The event was attended by Chief of the V.Y. Kikot Moscow University of the Russian MIA, Police Lieutenant-General Igor Kalinichenko.
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