06 November 14:58
The victim suffered a damage exceeding 5 million rubles.
06 November 14:00
A social worker deceived a pensioner for 131 thousand rubles.
06 November 13:00
“The court chose in respect of all the four men a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody,” the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk said.
06 November 12:30
“Earlier, the owner of a store located in the center of Moscow reported the disappearance of an exclusive bike to the police,” Irina Volk, the official Spokesperson for the Russian MIA said.
06 November 10:27
The total damage caused to victims exceeded 8 million rubles.
06 November 07:00 1
Ten residents of the Samara Region, who have organized illegal stay of more than 885 foreign nationals in the territory of the Russian Federation, have been indicted.
05 November 16:24
The police established the involvement of those citizens in more than ten similar crimes in several constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
05 November 16:10
Threatening with violence, the defendant got hold of the victim's money in the amount of 164,000 rubles.
05 November 13:30
“Criminal cases were instituted on the grounds of crimes under Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
05 November 11:30
Police detained the suspects at the excavation site.
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