13 March 10:50
The offenders planned to sell the goods on the territory of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative districts of the capital.
13 March 10:26
A local resident made a statement that an unknown person had fraudulently leased her car.
13 March 10:15
Over 100 grams of heroin prepared for sale were found with the offender.
13 March 09:40
26 counterfeit banknotes with a face value of 5 thousand rubles were seized, a criminal case was instituted.
12 March 11:38
12 foreign citizens carried out labor activities in the territory of the region without permits.
12 March 10:30
Photocopies of passports and driver's licenses purchased through the Internet were used as documents required for registration.
12 March 07:30
The offenders, under various pretexts, entered the apartments of elderly residents of the city of Bratsk, where they found savings and discreetly exchanged genuine banknotes with their souvenir replicas.
11 March 19:00 3
The event was attended by chiefs of units of the MIA of Russia Central Office, and in the video-conference communication mode – by chiefs of territorial bodies of the Ministry.
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