14 January 20:20
“The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, arrived in the city of Chita,” the MIA of Russia Spokesperson Irina Volk said.
14 January 14:47
Investigators detained three men and two women on suspicion of drug trafficking.
14 January 14:02
Police officers established the involvement of one of the detainees in three more similar crimes.
14 January 11:18
The entrepreneur illegally collected, stored and processed scrap of ferrous metals, and then sold it.
14 January 10:33
In the course of the pursuit, the offender threw a package with a narcotic drug out of the car window.
14 January 10:30 4
In Orenburg, Deputy-Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russia, Police Major-General Vitaly Shulika introduced to the staff the Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Orenburg Region Colonel of Police Aleksey Kampf.
14 January 10:00
“Police officers detained three suspects in a series of robbery attacks on offices of micro-finance companies and a bookmaker's office,” said the MIA of Russia Spokesperson, Irina Volk.
14 January 09:06
Having received a prepayment, the offender did not appear at the state agency for re-registration of real estate objects.
11 January 13:27
The head of the company entered into the documents overestimated data on the volume of the work performed.
11 January 12:00
The suspect in the crime was detained at the scene by the police precinct officer.
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