26 January 13:39
The amount of the damage is about 10 million rubles.
26 January 12:48
The amount of damage caused to 9 insurance companies exceeded 9 million rubles.
26 January 10:45
Distribution and legalization of criminal proceeds were carried out using cryptocurrency systems.
26 January 10:24
The defendants stole about 1 million 900 thousand rubles from a local resident.
26 January 09:45
According to preliminary estimates, the income from the illegal activities exceeded 100 million rubles.
26 January 08:05
A resident of Togliatti illegally registered 16 foreigners with the migration register.
25 January 15:40
An unknown masked man entered the office and, after spraying gas, openly stole from a bank employee a cash-collection bag with money in Russian rubles and foreign currency.
23 January 13:30 6
Vitaly Shulika thanked the personnel of the MIA Administration for their work and outlined ways to improve the efficiency of operational and service activities.
22 January 18:45 3
During the Collegium, the results of operational and service activities of the Moscow Region police in 2020 were summed up.
22 January 15:15 4
In his report, the Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Belgorod Region, Police Major General Vasily Umnov, noted that the crime rate in the region remained one of the lowest among the CFD regions.
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