Minister of Internal Affairs

Ladies and gentlemen!

I am glad to welcome you at today's meeting.

Thank you for your interest in the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

I believe that our meeting will serve the cause of strengthening the ties between Russia and your countries. We are committed to an open dialog on the whole range of law enforcement issues.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs today is a modern law enforcement structure with professional staff.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reports directly to the President of the Russian Federation and is the largest Russian law enforcement agency.

Almost 90 percent of the staff have specialized higher education.

A quarter of the personnel in the internal affairs bodies are women.

The ministry has its own territorial bodies. They are formed within the administrative and territorial units of the country – the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

In recent years, the criminal situation in Russia has been characterized as stable, with a gradual reduction in the number of crimes committed.

At the same time, the situation in the sphere of public security is complicated by general global factors. I mean international terrorism, manifestations of extremism, growing threats from cybercrime and illegal migration.

Internal affairs bodies make a significant contribution to countering the criminal challenges for the country's economic security.

The modern development of science and technology obliges us to significantly intensify efforts in combating fraud involving the use of information technologies. We have already gained a lot of practical experience in this area.

Efforts are taken on an ongoing basis to counter the legalization of criminal proceeds, counterfeiting, curbing the channels of financing terrorism and extremism.

The work of the police to protect public order is an area of increased attention.

Improvement of the situation on the streets was largely facilitated by the introduction of the Safe City complex, within which a video surveillance system and emergency communication terminals “Citizen-Police” were deployed in localities.

The created network of video cameras provides invaluable assistance in the detection of crimes and the identification of offenses. It allows you to continuously monitor the streets, yards and playgrounds.

This makes it possible to forecast, monitor and prevent threats to the security of citizens in public places. To identify persons involved in criminal encroachments. Exercise preventive influence on potential offenders.

It should be noted that recent years have been well saturated with major sports events of international level.

In 2014, the Winter Olympics took place in Sochi. It became one of the most spectacular holidays, which attracted a huge number of participants and spectators.

In 2018, the FIFA World Cup was held. To ensure law and order, during these important events, enhanced security measures were taken, and significant police forces were involved.

FIFA recognized the organization and security of the tournament to be the best in the entire history of the championships.

Issues of combating drug crime are of serious concern in the world.

The main efforts of the MIA of Russia are focused on countering its organized forms, tapping the channels for smuggling drugs, and eliminating network schemes of their distribution.

We focus the attention on the undermining of the material base of the drug business, the proceeds of which are the main source of financing the terrorist activities and organized crime.

The Ministry actively participates in the work of bilateral and multilateral international specialized groups, within the framework of which, in cooperation with our foreign partners, issues of combating the drug trafficking are being successfully resolved.

In Nicaragua, a specialized training center for personnel of interested competent authorities of Central American countries has been opened.

Education in it is free of charge.

We are ready to use all available opportunities, formats and platforms for the development of anti-drug cooperation with our colleagues.

In 2016, the function of controlling the migration processes was transferred to the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and became one of our priorities.

The Concept of State Migration Policy for 2019-2025 has been approved and is being implemented in practice.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs develops contacts with our foreign colleagues at different levels on a mutually beneficial basis.

Currently, representatives and representative offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia function in twenty-six countries.

Interdepartmental and intergovernmental agreements have been concluded with a wide range of foreign competent authorities.

We successfully interact with partners in the field of police training.

Currently, more than two thousand students from sixty-four countries of the world are studying in educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Each year, about fifty employees of internal affairs bodies serve in UN and the OSCE peacekeeping missions.

The geography of international cooperation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is constantly expanding. Interaction with foreign colleagues through Interpol is also actively developing.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our meeting is held on the eve of a significant date – the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Every year on May 9 this historical event is widely celebrated in our country.

I would especially like to highlight the traditionally multimillion patriotic action “Immortal Regiment”.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you success in your responsible diplomatic activity and express confidence that our joint work will be aimed at achieving common interests and ensuring the safety of citizens of our countries.

Thank you for attention.

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