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"The personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs honors the memory of the soldiers of law and order who contributed to the achievement of the Great Victory,” the Chief of the Russian MIA said.
07 May 18:45 5
The participants of the ceremony with a minute of silence paid tribute to the memory of all those who fought for the freedom and independence of our Motherland.
06 May 11:30
“ES&CC officers of the MIA of Russia GA for the Saratov Region suppressed the activities of a group suspected of fraud,” said the MIA Spokesperson Irina Volk.
06 May 15:00 8
On May 6, in the village of Chornaya Gryaz, near Solnechnogorsk, a flower-laying ceremony was held at the monument to NKVD officers who died during the defense of Moscow in 1941.
06 May 09:30
Police officers smashed the window, Sergey Tarakanov got inside the burning building and helped the owners, a married couple, get out of the fire.
05 May 12:00
It was established that the warehouses and the fish processing plant were located in the city of Podolsk in the Moscow Region.
05 May 10:30
According to preliminary data, the heads of two energy companies (power supply company and territorial grid company) since 2015, keeping it secret from the power supplier, connected commercial companies to the networks.
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