31 July 11:30
A resident of Voronezh. from February to May of this year, in a bathhouse of his private household was producing a synthetic drug, mephedrone,” said the MIA of Russian Spokesperson Irina Volk.
31 July 08:00
Despite the injuries received, the police detained the criminal and did not allow the use of another grenade, which was already in his hands,” said the Spokesperson of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
30 July 10:30
Officers of the MIA for the Republic of Buryatia suppressed the activities of a group of persons engaged in illegal production and sale of unmarked products through small retail stores.
31 July 15:21
The malefactor committed a theft of about one and a half million rubles.
31 July 12:14
In total, the defendants committed five robberies. The total material damage exceeded 2 mln. Rubles.
31 July 11:49
The director of a construction company overestimated the volume of work performed, having appropriated about 5.5 million rubles.
31 July 10:23
The total amount of the damage exceeded 1 million 300 thousand rubles.
31 July 10:11
Due to a conflict over drug trafficking, the offender committed a murder having fired several shooting shots at the victim.
30 July 15:14
The four offenders were looking for businessmen and entrepreneurs in different regions, from whom they intended to fraudulently steal money.
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