21 May 13:55
The director of a company in the Aksaisky District is suspected of evading the value added tax and the corporate profit tax to a total exceeding 38 million rubles.
21 May 10:02
The attacker stole money of citizens totaling about 8 million rubles. The criminal case with the indictment approved by the Moscow prosecutor's office was sent to the Nagatinsky District Court of Moscow.
21 May 09:00
Police officers stopped the corruption scheme related to the unimpeded return of VAT to organizations-taxpayers for a "kick-back" of 10-12 per cent of the recoverable funds. 
21 May 12:22
The opening ceremony of the VI Babayevsky  Forum, held for the first time in the format of three international scientific conferences was held in the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Russian MIA.
21 May 11:13
Now a criminal case was initiated against the two young men and two girls. The Police identified two victims from whom  the offenders stole about 700 000 rubles.
21 May 10:17 3
In total, the jury received 576 works from educational institutions and creative teams.
21 May 09:34 3
On May 19, 2015, the 43rd European Regional Conference of Interpol - the main European forum of the Organization started its work in the capital of Romania.
21 May 09:14 6
To prevent child traffic injuries during the summer vacation the Police held an event "Safe Summer" in educational institutions of Tomsk.
20 May 15:19 4
Head of the MIA  Administration for the Arkhangelsk Region Police Major-General Sergei Volchkov presented state awards to employees who had committed heroic deeds.