05 February 12:25
According to preliminary data, the offender offered to Ukhta residents his assistance in obtaining driving licenses without the actual exams.
05 February 12:00
The suspects were detained by the Traffic police in hot pursuit. When inspecting the car of the suspects the police seized from it 2 mink coats stolen from the apartment of the victim.
05 February 11:32
Officers of the Division of Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the Police Administration for the city of Sochi detained an FPS officer on suspicion of receiving a bribe.
05 February 16:00 1
Maksim Kan born in 1966, accused of involvement in the kidnapping, committed in November 2005 in Moscow, was extradited from France to Russia.
05 February 12:50
The booty of the criminals who had penetrated into the house, became money and jewelry worth nearly 2 million rubles. Two of the suspects have been detained.
05 February 10:00
The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev received a government telegram.
04 February 09:13
Officers of the Criminal Investigation Administration of the MIA General Administration for the Moscow Region, together with colleagues from the MIA Inter-district Administration “Schelkovskoe” detained four local residents aged from 16 to 23, suspected of committing robberies.
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