05 December 16:00 3
Upon request of Vladimir Strzhalkovski the delegates voted for termination of his appointment as the Chairman of Dynamo Society and elected Anatoli Gulevski to this office.
05 December 07:00
102 citizens of the Moscow Region were recognised affected. The financial losses exceed 5 million rubles.
04 December 14:00
According to investigators, in November 2016, the head of one of the real estate agencies in the city of Kurgan created a group that included three women with experience in real estate work.
05 December 13:06
It was found that 22 out of the 35 passengers were foreign citizens illegally staying in the territory of the Russian Federation.
05 December 11:47
The accused made use of her office and illegally withdrew six sets of wheels from the plant to the total value of more than 1.5 million rubles.
05 December 11:30
The men appropriated the transported feed stuff during a long period of time and stole together over 16 tons of product.
05 December 10:24
The company performed illegal mining and supply of the mineral product for 4 months.
05 December 09:30
The criminal took a car priced at 800 thousand rubles and drove to the capital.
04 December 14:06
Twenty victims suffered a damage exceeding 500 thousand rubles.
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