10 October 14:00
During searches, the police seized over 50 thousand liters of counterfeit products ready for sale and more than 600 empty barrels with identification marks of manufacturers.
10 October 12:00
According to available information, an attacker whose face was hidden under a mask, burst into the outlet on the Gagarin Street.
10 October 12:48
The offender caused a damage to the victims totaling more than 90 million rubles.
10 October 06:00
It was established that the illegal production was organized on the territory of one of the enterprises in the city of Kaliningrad, where a full cycle of hard liquors production was organized.
09 October 15:00 2
Police officers suppressed the illegal activity of an on-line store selling potent substances under the guise of dietary supplement for weight loss.
09 October 14:55 1
The 70th session of the Executive Committee of the Program of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, dedicated to the fight against statelessness, is being held in the Swiss city of Geneva.
09 October 14:00
The investigation charged one of the defendants with 17 episodes of unlawful activity, provided for by part 3 of Article 159.2 of the Russian Criminal Code. His accomplice was charged with 14 episodes.
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