06 October 14:55
The offenders sold in the Nizhny Novgorod Region 42 counterfeit banknotes. In their car the police found counterfeit 5,000 ruble banknotes of the Bank of Russia.  
06 October 12:25
Officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation of the MIA General Administration for the Chelyabinsk Region initiated criminal cases against 13 residents of Chelyabinsk, on the fact of creation of a criminal community that had arranged  a scheme of stealing money belonging to the bank.
06 October 09:10
The Administration of Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA General Administration for the city of Moscow received information on an organized group of persons engaged in illegal banking activities in the capital and other regions of Russia. 
06 October 09:39 2
During the action, Traffic police inspectors stopped vehicles and conducted preventive conversations with drivers on the Traffic Rules. Children presented to drivers prepared in advance letters, memos on the Traffic Rules, which urged drivers to be careful at the wheel.
06 October 09:17
The defendant received from the founder and CEO of a construction company funds totaling 230 million rubles.  
06 October 08:41 1
Senior high schoolers of the capital and first-year students of the Road Faculty of the University got acquainted with the transport and technical means of the traffic police that are used for traffic supervision.
06 October 07:14 1
The action was attended by school children. They reminded local residents of the need to follow the Traffic Rules. Wearing clothes decorated with reflective elements boys and girl danced near one of the largest shopping centers.
05 October 12:33
For ensuring the secrecy the drug trafficking was carried out with the help of Internet technologies. The operation of the virtual scheme was supported by a server located abroad. Thus, the offenders weekly sold more than a kilogram of drugs.
05 October 11:56
In Elista, In the course of monitoring one of the popular social networks the police found a user who had posted on his page with free access for listening and copying an audio file included into the federal list of extremist materials.
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