30 September 13:49
A police precinct the MIA Inter-municipal Division "Kudymkarsky" Vyacheslav Mekhonoshin received a state award for taking out of fire a disabled women.
30 September 12:21
During the inspection of the vehicle with involvement of a service and investigative police dog, the police found inside the car a bundle with a powdery substance. Forensic experts came to the conclusion that it was spice. The total weight of the seized narcotic was about 60 grams.
30 September 10:50
The investigative part of the General Investigation Administration of the MIA General Administration for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, sent to court a criminal case against four residents of Krasnoyarsk, accused of stealing and the subsequent legalizing 12.5 million rubles belonging to a commercial bank.
30 September 14:02
A resident of the Verkhnekamsky District spent three days in the forest. When he was found by police officers, he could not walk on his own.
30 September 11:32
Officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation in cooperation with the Federal Migration Service of Russia detained in the Central District of Moscow a 41-year-old native of Georgia - a criminal boss, known as "Gogi Pitersky”, for violation of the regime of foreign citizens stay in the Russian Federation.
30 September 11:21
In Veliky Novgorod on the Victory-Sofiyskaya Square,  within the framework of the "Family Avtomart 2014" for parents and their children, Traffic Police officers held an event "Dad, Mom, me - a car family", aimed at the promotion of road safety and increase of the parental responsibility for the life and health of their children.
30 September 02:01
During the investigative work the police found the stolen minivan. A 26-year-old man was detained on suspicion of a car jack.
29 September 17:03
In the Zavolzhsky District of ​​Yaroslavl  Patrol and Inspection Service servicemen, while on route patrol noticed a suspicious young man. When checking him the police discovered that he had two bundles, in which there were 40 bags of powdered material of light color.
29 September 15:03 7
In Murmansk, the Traffic Police have met with pupils of gymnasium No. 8, to remind them of the need to observe the Traffic Rules as well as of the safety measures to be taken when using a bicycle.