16 September 13:25
Head of the MIA Regional Administration Viktor Koshelev presented state awards to the policemen for their courage, bravery and selflessness demonstrated in the line of duty.
16 September 12:43
Groups of children accompanied by senior form pupils  moved among "stations"... At each stop, the kids found assignments on the Traffic Rules - "Guess the road sign", "Traffic Rules Song", "Cartoon of theTraffic Rules ", riddles, puzzles.
16 September 10:05
According to preliminary estimates, the damage from illegal malicious activity was about 19 million rubles, and the volume of illegally logged timber exceeded 3,000 cubic meters.
16 September 15:07
On the basis of a sports complex Podolino, where there is a racing trail, within three days, there will compete in racing representatives of 67 teams from different regions of the country. In total,  more than 500 representatives of regions - police officers from the Moscow, Leningrad, Kirov, Novgorod, Omsk, Rostov, Murmansk and other regions arrived to the Yaroslavl Region.
16 September 14:40 3
There collided two vehicles moving in the same direction.  One of the cars turned over.ZThere was a woman at the wheel of the car. She could not get out of the foreign-made car on her own. The police officers came to help the victim.
16 September 13:08 5
"Traditionally, the exhibition is held at the beginning of the school year as part of preventive action "Attention - children!". Pupils aged from 7 to 14 years take part in it.
16 September 12:06
he investigation has found that the seized package contained a  drug - trimetilfentanil weighting 124 grams. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of illegal drug trafficking.
16 September 08:42
There was proved the involvement of the accused in the  five facts of illegal activities.
15 September 15:16 2
Traffic Police jointly conducted a competition among young cyclists.