22 October 15:28
There has been established the identity of 11 persons involved in committing these crimes: nine of them were arrested, two were placed under house arrest.
22 October 13:27
Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel-General  V.A. Kolokoltsev and of Tajikistan Police Lieutenant-General R.H. Rahimzoda held a working meeting in Moscow.
22 October 10:06
Investigators of the MIA Division for the city of Ussurijsk completed a criminal investigation into illegal sale of Amur tiger skins and derivatives. 
22 October 14:12 1
The Olimpiad was attended by pupils of 3-4 forms of 23 educational institutions of the regional center.
22 October 13:25 3
During the week in schools and kindergartens of the city of  Chusovoi, the police and the young traffic inspectors conducted for children with sight limitations interviews, quizzes on the knowledge of traffic rules.
22 October 12:08
To search for the child there were created several search groups. A juvenile inspector found the schoolgirl in the entrance of a house. The life and health of the girl was in no danger, she was returned to her her mother.
22 October 09:50 3
The purpose of the event - to develop with drivers the habit of  mutually polite, disciplined behavior on the road,the habit of complying with the Traffic Rules.
21 October 13:04
During the night the Police road patrol in Vladikavkaz witnessed an incident when a girl fell into the river Terek from the concrete fence. Policemen, risking their lives, pulled her to the bank and gave her to doctors.
21 October 12:48
The Police seized checks on the transfer of funds through the payment system, products purchased with counterfeit money. In total in the Yaroslavl Region the malefactors managed to sell 650,000 counterfeit rubles.