24 October 11:17
A 24-year-old girl was kidnapped from the parking area in front of one of the Kazan malls  in the daytime on 21st October. According to witnesses, four men forced her into a car and drove away.  Witnesses of the kidnapping immediately reported this to the police.
24 October 09:10
The work of Criminal Investigation on the case continued all these years. Hundreds of people have been checked for involvement in the murder.
24 October 05:30
Man rented a few hectares of land in the Ekhirit Bulugatskiy District of the region, and then by presenting false documents, received one-off assistance for the development of a farm, without actually having any intentions to cultivate the land.
24 October 14:16
In mid-October 2014 in the city Muravlenko the police in the course of a complex of  operational and search activities identified an organized group whose members were engaged for a long time in the sale of synthetic drugs via a contactless method.
24 October 12:18
The police carried out the children from the burning apartment, led out the adults and evacuated all the residents of the barrack.
24 October 11:02 3
Through this action, the organizers tried to draw the attention of drivers to the causes of road accidents with severe consequences, such breaking the speed limit, driving while intoxicated.
24 October 10:35 9
Police officers of Voronezh and the Voronezh Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, as well as the Youth Government of the Voronezh Region summed up the results of the city children's drawing contest "Criminal and Administrative codes in Pictures".
24 October 08:57 3
The purpose of the event - to convey to teenagers the information about the dangers of smoking blends, the so-called "Spice."
23 October 14:12 9
Unusual themed parties for children, devoted to the study of traffic rules were held  at the Palace of Pioneers and school-children.